25 Most Lethal Warriors Ever Sent Into Battle

Since the early days of human existence conflict has been a constant in the tapestry of history and civilization. The desire for power and dominance has proven to be one of the darkest motivations for humans across the globe, and for that reason as soon as the first societies and cultures emerged the first organized militaries became a necessity. Today’s list presents the 25 Most Lethal Warriors Ever Sent Into Battle the world has ever known.

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The Hyksos

The HyksosSource: britannica.com, Image: en.wikipedia.org

The Hyksos ruled in ancient Egypt’s Nile Delta almost four thousand years ago and were an interesting group that has become a strange mix of myth and history. They have been described as brilliant technological innovators, fierce warriors, and highly advanced for their time.


The Huns

The HunsSource: Wikipedia, Image: en.wikipedia.org

With Attila the Hun the notorious barbarian horseman being the most famous of them, the Huns terrorized and ravaged Europe between the first century and seventh century AD. While the Huns are considered one of the first empires to inspire the nation of Hungary, the nomadic Huns may have originated in Mongolia or Kazakhstan and were constantly traveling within the Eurasian steppe. Attila fought for power of the Hunnic tribes and is believed to have assassinated his relatives to do so.


The Goth Warriors

The Goth warriorsSource: ancient.eu, Image: en.wikipedia.org

The Goths were born of east Germanic ancestry and were vicious warriors who could fight the most trained and skilled foe. The Goths’ battle-hardened skills and their passion for the fight were more than a match for any warrior on the battlefield. For the record, let’s not forget that two Goth branches, the Visigoths and the Ostrogoths, played an important role in the fall of the western Roman Empire and the emergence of medieval Europe.


The Frank Warriors

The Frank WarriorsSource: legendsandchronicles.com, Image: en.wikipedia.org

The Frank or Frankish warriors were the proud, battle-savvy Germanic tribe that eventually became the founders of France. The Franks were a powerful tribe even among the strong and bristling Germanic tribes of the time, and were often reported to be one of the largest too. As with any tribe that lived in war-torn times, the Franks needed good fighters and the Frankish warriors are considered some of the most cruel ever.


The Byzantine Kataphraktoi (Cataphract)

The Byzantine KataphraktoiSource: britannica.com, Image: en.wikipedia.org

The term cataphract was not exclusive to the Byzantines. Derived from the Greek for “fully enclosed,” the adjective was used to describe the heavily armored cavalry of most armies in Anatolia and the Near East. The main function of the cataphract unit was not to battle against enemy cavalry units but to use their heavy armor and sheer mass to smash into infantry formations. Hence during battle the general would have the cataphracts wait until the right moment to charge into enemy infantry formations. Once deployed they would form in a blunt wedge formation twelve ranks deep. The main weapon of the cataphract was the kontarion or kontos lance. The lance was defined by a longsword-like blade and a butt spike at the other end, with a length varying from 2.9 meters to an impressive 4 meters.

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