25 Most Insane Waterslides You Won’t Believe Exist

You should check out some of the most insane waterslides in the world if you’re looking for something fun and different to do this summer. From the biggest waterslides to the scariest waterslides, we’ve got a waterslide on this list for almost everyone. Take a look at these 25 Most Insane Waterslides You Won’t Believe Exist.

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Leap of Faith

leap of faith water slideSource: dailymail.co.uk

While this certainly isn’t the fastest waterslide on this list, it might be the scariest if you are afraid of sharks. This slide drops you down a Mayan temple and through a tube that’s surrounded by sharks.


Drag Race

dragraceSource: orlandosentinal.com


If you think car racing sounds fun, wait until you try this ride. Plus, racing your friends down this six story waterslide, face first on a mat might be even more exciting than training for NASCAR.


Scorpion's Tail


Developed by the same people who created the Aqua Loop slides (#21), the Scorpion’s Tail waterslide in Wisconsin combines a near-vertical drop out of a trap door with a large loop to send riders flying down what looks like the tail of a scorpion.


King Cobra

King CobraSource: sixflags.com

One of the tallest waterslides, this ride sends you on several twists and turns through the body of a snake just before you hit at 50-foot drop at a 50-degree angle right into the mouth of King Cobra. His fangs even spit water at you as you arrive.



L2_WörglSource: travelchannel.com

At over 400 feet tall, this slide has a trap-door and several insane loops and turns. The best part? You get a breathtaking view of the Alps right before you plummet to the bottom.


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