25 Mind-Blowing Movie Fan Theories

Posted by , Updated on September 6, 2017


Movie theories are the lifeblood of the internet. Whenever an unsolved mystery appears in a film, people take to the web and make their theories heard. A good portion of them are trash, but every now and then, some theories blow things wide open, making total sense. From Disney to Tarantino films, we’ve got a ton of theories that’ll change how you view your favorite movies. Here are 25 Mind-Blowing Movie Fan Theories.

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E.T. is a Jedi

etSource: http://imgur.com/XLaav34

In E.T. The Extraterrestrial, E.T. has extraordinary powers, but where do they come from? It’s been suggested E.T. is actually a Jedi. For instance, when E.T. sees a Yoda costume at Halloween, he acts like he recognizes him and wants to talk to him. E.T. also has healing powers and can make Eliot fly in the air. Clearly, he is one with the force.


Jurassic Park's Dinosaurs Weren't Real

Jurassic_ParkSource: https://www.reddit.com

Many scientists mentioned no one could actually create dinosaurs from blood extracted out of mosquito bellies. So, how did the scientists in Jurassic Park do it? In this fan theory, they didn’t. The whole thing was a cover to do more genetic engineering experiments and make lots of money. One specific piece of evidence points to Hammond’s speech about a flea circus he once had. Jurassic Park is Hammond’s giant flea circus.


The Lion King and Hercules Are in the Same Universe

scar and herculesSource: https://www.reddit.com

At one point in The Lion King, Zazu mentions to Simba that Scar would make a handsome throw rug. In Hercules, Scar actually is a throw rug that Hercules throws off his head, indicating someone hunted Scar and brought him back to Greece.


Mary Poppins Is a Time Lord

Mary_PoppinsSource: https://www.reddit.com

No one really understood how Marry Poppins can simply float from the clouds and appear from nowhere using her magical umbrella. However, one fan theory suggests Mary Poppins is a Time Lord from Doctor Who. Her umbrella is an amalgamation of the TARDIS. Time Lords have a bit of an ego, make friends wherever they go, and really like their hats.


Deckard is a Replicant with the Memories of a Former Blade Runner

blade runnerSource: https://moviepilot.com

When Deckard, played by Harrison Ford, is on his piano, he has a reverie of a unicorn. It’s a brief glimpse but nothing more. Later, he see’s the same unicorn at the end of the movie, confirming he’s a replicant but with someone else’s memories. The question is who? A fan believes he has the memories of Eduardo Gaff, the veteran Blade Runner.

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