25 Insane Examples Of Extreme Ironing

If you haven´t heard of extreme ironing, let us introduce this new “sport” to you. The official Wikipedia definition of extreme ironing says it is an extreme sport and a performance art in which people take ironing boards to remote locations and iron items of clothing. According to the Extreme Ironing Bureau, extreme ironing is “the latest danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt.” If you have read our post about the world´s craziest and most bizarre sports and competitions, you won´t be surprised that this sport also originated in England which is the birthplace of numerous similarly insane sports. Since 1997, when extreme ironing started, this crazy thing has become popular in many other countries all over the word with people posting photos of them ironing in the most improbable places and positions. To have an idea of what extreme ironing looks like in practice, check out these 25 pictures.

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Ok, let us start slow and nice. If you are a beginner, try this sport at a decent and safe place such as up on a tree.

teamsteam.org Steam_in_the_woodsteamsteam.org

Once you master the fear of height, you can try some other elevated places such as the roof of your house.

thechive.com extreme-ironing-funny-17thechive.com

Talking about roofs, a car roof is also a popular spot for extreme ironing.


Advanced sportsmen may handle ironing when attached to the back of the car too.

www.urbasm.com extreme-ironing-taxiwww.urbasm.com

Even soldiers grew fond of this original sport.

news.nster.com 12436_700xnews.nster.com

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