25 Incredibly Bizarre Rituals From Around The World

Have you ever wondered what kind of bizarre rituals are in the world? Believe it or not, there’s quite a few out there. Through religion or tradition, rituals have been handed down for thousands of years and because of their ancient nature, many can be dangerous and disturbing. Despite the harm they cause to themselves or others, people keep doing these things. Be warned, some of these rituals are not for the faint of heart and have graphic images. With that said, here are 25 Incredibly Bizarre Rituals From Around The World.


The Eskimo Funerary Ritual

inuitSource: http://www.theinitialjourney.com/features/eskimos-old-age/

Since the Eskimo people fight hard for their food to survive, old people that couldn’t help wouldn’t be taken care of. Instead, they would be put on an ice float and sent out to sea to die by starvation or freezing to death.


Hounen Matsuri

fertility festivalSource: https://www.japan-experience.com/city-nagoya/honen-matsuri

The Hounen Matsuri is a Japanese fertility ritual that starts at the Tagata shrine on March 15th. During this festival, there’s a parade of people carrying phallic shaped objects. Couples will pray with these statues around in hope of being able to bear a child.


Drinking Cow Blood

cowSource: https://www.indiatoday.in/india/maharashtra/story/who-are-the-maasai-why-do-they-drink-cow-blood-269689-2015-10-25

In Southern Kenya and Northern Tanzania, an indigenous tribe known as The Maasai drink cows blood for various life events, like the birth of a child or a marriage. They also drink it to help with hangovers. Using a bamboo shoot, they cut the vein of a cow and suck the blood from it. Supposedly, the cow doesn’t die from it.


The Gloves of the Satere Mawé Tribe

para_ritual_de_passagem_do_povo_Sateré-Mawé_AMSource: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/brazilian-tribe-becoming-man-requires-sticking-your-hand-glove-full-angry-ants-180953156/

Rites of passage are as old as time, and today, many young kids go through it in some shape or form, be it bar mitzvah, sweet sixteen, or humiliating prom. But for the Satere Mawé Tribe, they force their boys to shove their hands into gloves full of ants that inflict painful bites. They wear the gloves twenty times for ten minutes each time as they dance around. The ants are not any normal house ant but the bullet ant, an ant that got its name because its bite feels like being shot by a bullet.



new guineaSource: http://blog.sevenponds.com/cultural-perspectives/the-little-known-ritual-of-endocannibalism

In Papua New Guinea, the Fore tribe performed endocannibalism for years. Endocannibalism is the act of consuming a family member after they have passed away as a religious act or ritual. Many times this is done out of respect, believing they absorb that individual.

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