25 Funny Short People Problems

Posted by , Updated on November 8, 2017


If you’re short, the challenges of life look different for you than most people. Some things just aren’t really an option. For instance, no one will depend on you to get the box of cereal on the top shelf at a grocery store. Everything feels higher than it probably is and tall people are unlikely to give you the respect you deserve. Regardless, you push forward, making sure each day is better than the last. Laughing at your shortcomings will likely help with that. Here are 25 Funny Short People Problems.


Car sun visors are pretty useless.

jeep cherokee

Being friends with tall people is like being friends with Goliath.


Doing laundry makes it look like you're trying to travel to Narnia.


You might legally have to use a booster seat in your car.

booster seat

People tell you you're short as if you somehow forgot.

eye roll

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