25 Facts About Hitler That Might Take You By Surprise

Without a doubt, Adolf Hitler is one of the most controversial and reviled personalities in world history and for good reasons. His beliefs, opinions and ideals dragged humanity to the brink of war, causing widespread death and destruction. Nevertheless, he is a defining characteristic (all be it a bad one) in the history of this planet and it would not harm us to learn what kind of personality would do the monstrous things Hitler did. Hopefully, by looking into the past and identifying the horrid blemish that Hitler was, hopefully we can prevent such a person from ever rising again. So here are 25 facts about Hitler that might take you by surprise.

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Eiffel Tower’s elevator cables


When Paris fell to the control of Germany in 1940, the French cut off the elevator cables in the Eiffel Tower. This was intentionally done to compel Hitler to climb the steps to the top. Hitler however, decided not to drop by the Tower instead of climbing more than a thousand stairs.


Hitler and the women’s cosmetic industry


Hitler initially planned for the outright banning of the cosmetics industry to pave the way for a total war economy. However, to avoid disappointing Eva Braun, he opted for a gradual close down.


American Genocide of Native Americans


Hitler often praised the “efficiency” of the American Genocide of Native Americans.


Hitler and art


Hitler had artistic inclinations. When he moved to Vienna during the 1900s, Hitler initially thought of pursuing a career in the arts. He even applied for the Vienna’s Academy of Art but was denied for his ‘unfitness for painting’.


Hitler’s family environment

Germany Adolf Hitler With Eva Brauncommunity.beliefnet.com

Hitler grew up in an authoritarian family environment. His father (who was an Austrian customs official), has been noted for his strictness and hot temper. It has also been observed that Hitler embodied many of his father’s personality traits.

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