25 Dangerous Looking Animals That Are Relatively Harmless

Posted by , Updated on May 18, 2015


Animals come in all shape and sizes. Some are cuddly, cute, and overall pleasing to look at. However, there are those animals which sport some of the most frightening appearances you would ever hope to imagine. But just because some of these animals look dangerous, does not mean that they are. From disturbingly large spiders to alien-like deep sea creatures with outrageously long, protruding teeth, check out these 25 dangerous looking animals that are relatively harmless to humans.

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Goliath birdeater

Goliath birdeater

It’s a spider! Burn it with fire right? Considered the largest spider in the world, the goliath birdeater does have venom but its bite hardly compares to the sting of a wasp. In fact, their menacing look is way more dangerous then anything these spiders could do to you.


Whale shark

Whale shark

Talking about outrageous size, the whale shark is the world´s largest fish reaching a length of almost 13 m (over 40 ft). In spite of its incredible proportion these truly are gentle giants. Some young whale sharks are even known to play with divers.


Thorny dragon

Thorny dragon

This Australian lizard has a terrifying first impression. Armored with an array of intimidating spikes, the thorny dragon only grows up to 20 cm (8 inches) and eats ants. Aside from the fact that it will shoot blood at you from its eyes if threatened, there’s no need to fear this little guy.


Chinese giant salamander


Reaching a length of up to 1.8 m (6 ft), the Chinese giant salamander is the largest amphibian in the world. Despite its scary appearance and size, it only feeds on insects, frogs, crabs and small fish. Because of massive over-hunting, this animal is now critically endangered.


Vampire bat


Vampire bats have a particularly fearsome reputation. It’s true, they suck blood and only come out at night but they prefer feeding on cattle and other animals. Human bites are very rare. Needless to say if the bite does occur, it won´t transform you into anything.

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