25 Dangerous Looking Animals That Are Relatively Harmless

Animals come in all shape and sizes. Some are cuddly, cute, and overall pleasing to look at. However, there are those animals which sport some of the most frightening appearances you would ever hope to imagine. But just because some of these animals look dangerous, does not mean that they are. From disturbingly large spiders to alien-like deep sea creatures with outrageously long, protruding teeth, check out these 25 dangerous looking animals that are relatively harmless to humans.

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Marine hatchetfish


What looks like someone´s worst nightmare is actually a small deep-sea mesopelagic ray-finned fish found in tropical and subtropical  waters. Reaching about 12 cm (4.7 inch) in length, this little critter can’t harm anyone.




Apart from its disturbingly scary appearance, these little lemurs native to Madagascar are sometimes also considered death harbingers. But the fact remains, these nocturnal, fruit-eating primates pose no danger to humans.


Whip scorpion


What looks like a combination between a spider and a scorpion, the whip scorpion is in the arachnid order similar to true scorpions. No matter how scary these guys can seem to you (and admittedly they are indeed scary looking), the fact is they rarely reach more than 3 cm (1.2 inch) in length and have no venom glands. They do however, spray a combination of acetic acid and caprylic acid when they are bothered. But this hardly compares to a true scorpion sting.


European yellow-tailed scorpion

European yellow-tailed scorpion

Talking about scorpions, only about 25 out of 1750 known species have venom capable of killing a human being. Measuring about 4.5 cm (1.8 in) in length, the European yellow-tailed scorpion is one the least harmful to us. Despite its fearsome look, this scorpion´s sting feels more like a bee´s sting than anything else.


Giant African millipede

Giant African millipedeImage: Matt Reinbold, CC License 2.0

The giant African millipede is one the largest millipedes in the world. This tropical, 256-legged arthropod only feeds on decomposing vegetation and organic materials. In some countries, people even keep it as a pet.

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