25 Creepy Cool Facts About Krampus

While American kids usually get their Christmas gifts no matter how good or bad they have been all year, their European counterparts have a good reason to behave themselves throughout the year. Traditionally, on December 6th, less than 3 weeks before Christmas, St. Nicholas visits families in many European countries and rewards kids who have been good. However, he does not come alone. He is accompanied by another fellow, a scary monster known as Krampus. As you might guess, Krampus’s duty is to take care of the bad kids. To find out more about this terrifying mythological figure and what he does to his victims, check out these 25 Creepy Cool Facts About Krampus.


Krampus is often depicted with heavy chains, which might be a reference to the Christian attempt to "bind the Devil."

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There are many different methods of punishment Krampus allegedly uses, ranging from "gentle" ones, such as beating kids with birch rods and pulling their ears, to brutal practices including leading children off a cliff, putting them in shackles and baskets, or even drowning them in ink.

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According to an old legend, Krampus lives in the Realm of the Dead, but once a year, on December 6th (or December 5th in some countries), he is allowed to leave his gloomy home and travel out into the human world to seek out and punish wicked children.

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A terrifying spectacle is held on the evening of December 5th each year in Salzburg, Austria, as hundreds of participants dressed as Krampus run the city streets, wielding pitchforks, rusty chains, and torches, scaring thousands of spectators.

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In the 1930's, the Krampus tradition was prohibited in Austria, thought to be too traumatic for children. For long years, it only continued in isolated rural areas before it was revived and started to be observed by the masses again.

KrampusSource: independent.co.uk

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