25 Countries With The Highest Average IQ

Have you ever wondered which country has the highest average IQ? Many people have been asking this question and many studies have been conducted to try and answer it. One of the most recent and comprehensive IQ studies was conducted in 2016 by the Statistic Brain Research Institute. You won’t believe what they found. Curious to know if your country is among the smartest in the world? Check out the 25 countries with the highest average IQ.

Note: Rankings of the average IQ by countries are always controversial and should be interpreted with caution. Some rankings are shared by multiple countries with the same IQ score. They are separated according to the alphabetical order within that ranking. The following list is NOT a ranking of average IQ by race.


Singapore (average IQ: 103)

flag of SingaporeSource: statisticbrain.com

The top five is dominated by Asian countries exclusively, with the fifth spot being claimed by Singapore. A sovereign city-state known as one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, the average IQ in this Southeast Asian country is 103.


Taiwan (average IQ: 104)

flag of Taiwan Source: statisticbrain.com

Another Southeast Asian technological superpower, Taiwan benefits from a highly skilled and intelligent workforce and is among the most highly educated countries in the world with one of the greatest percentages of its citizens holding a tertiary education degree.


Japan (average IQ: 105)

flag of JapanSource: statisticbrain.com

Boasting the highest life expectancy in the world, Japan is a leading country in scientific research and technologies, which definitely says something about this nation’s intelligence. Scoring 105, Japan is the third smartest country in the world.


South Korea (average IQ: 106)

flag of South KoreaSource: statisticbrain.com

One of the Four Asian Economic Dragons (together with Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong), South Korea is a technologically advanced developed country driven by a highly motivated, educated, and skilled workforce. Scoring 106 in the IQ research, South Korea is also one of the top-performing countries in reading literacy, math, and the sciences.


Hong Kong (average IQ: 107)

hong kong flagSource: statisticbrain.com

With an impressive score of 107, the title of the world’s most intelligent country goes to Hong Kong. This tiny nation in Southeast Asia is politically part of China, but as an autonomous territory, Hong Kong maintains its own political and economical system based on an incredibly hardworking, skilled, educated and smart workforce.

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