25 Celebrities Who Have Struggled With And Overcome Substance Abuse

Everybody knows that celebrities tend to do drugs. But here are 25 celebrities who have struggled with and overcome substance abuse.

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One of the most famous figures in rock, Slash also used to be one of the most prolific drug users in the music business. However, due to his 2001 congestive heart failure diagnosis and encouragement from his wife, this former Guns n’ Roses guitarist was able to give up the habit.


Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Anistonsathiyam.tv

While filming the hit show “Friends”, Jennifer struggled with chain smoking. However, in 2007 she decided to give up her vice by taking an intense detox and now uses exercise to stay free from nicotine.


Eric Clapton

Eric Claptonwww.guitarlessons.com

He was so addicted to heroin that in one of his performances, Clapton passed out and had to be revived. Eventually Pete Townshend, “The Who” guitarist, convinced Clapton to give up his addiction and establish the Crossroads center for drug and alcohol treatment.


Catherine Zeta Jones

Catherine Zeta Joneshdwallfan.com

Although she smoked as a teenager she decided to break the habit in adulthood. The decision came after the paparazzi snapped photos of her smoking while pregnant. This coupled with the fear of passing the habit onto her children, convinced her to quit.


Jon Stewart

Jon Stewartwall.alphacoders.com

From the age of 15, the famous host of The Daily Show struggled with a smoking addiction. He was encouraged to finally kick the habit by the CGL Foundation and since 2000, Stewart has been smoke free.

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