25 Cartoon Characters We Want as Real-Life Friends

Posted by , Updated on March 24, 2024

Many of the greatest companions throughout human history have existed in a two-dimensional realm. Be it due to their quirky nature or thrilling escapades, there are certain animated figures that we would all relish the opportunity to spend time with. Check out these 25 Cartoon Characters We Would Love To Befriend In Reality.


Beavis and Butthead

beavis and butthead

If you’re looking for a dynamic duo to do some dumb things with, you have found the right two. Beavis and Butthead are not the nicest or most mature characters you’d ever meet, but that doesn’t stop them from saying ridiculously funny commentary.




For a friend that’ll always have your back if you get into a fight, Popeye is here to save the day. His strong arms, given to him by his famous spinach, are perfect for him to use for defending his dear sweet Olive Oyl and any friend of his.




For the times you want to just bust out into song, they’re ready for it. These musical loving siblings are known as the Warner Brothers (and the Warner Sister) who are constantly finding ways to get into childlike mischief. Yakko, Wakko, and Dot are certainly interesting creatures to hang out with, especially since no one knows exactly what kind of animals they are.


Randy Marsh

randy marsh

Randy Marsh is the crazy father to the well known South Park character Stanley Marsh, and he sometimes gets into even more trouble than the children of South Park. You never know what to expect from Randy because he is a very random outside-of-the-box thinking type of character, but he makes for some hilarious moments with his friends and family.




Garfield is the perfect friend for EVERYONE because who doesn’t want to just nap, eat lasagna all day, and hate Mondays? This lazy fat cat would make for the perfect day off consisting of food, sleeping, and TV. How much better of a friend could you get?


Peter Griffin

peter griffin

Peter is definitely not the smartest character on Family Guy, but when he is around you can rest assured that something chaotic is going to happen. Peter has a wild imagination and even wilder ideas. With really no one around to tell him that something is a bad idea, what could possibly go wrong? Whether you wanted to go down to The Clam or visit the Brewery, Peter will make sure that the most ordinary tasks transform into a wild adventure.


Charlie Brown

charlie brown

Good ol’ Charlie Brown is a character who never gives up, although he never really wins either. Whether it’s baseball, football, or life in general, he just seems to always have bad luck. That, however, never stops him from remaining a positive character with excellent friendship skills. Now if someone could just teach him how to manage a baseball team.



hey arnold

He definitely knows what it means to be politically correct in his choice of friends. You wouldn’t have to worry about offending people. Arnold is a sweet 9-year-old who always sees the best of a bad situation and is willing to help anyone in need, even when it may cause more trouble for him in the end.


Boo Boo

boo boo bear

The perfect sidekick and the voice of reasoning we all need, Boo Boo is the perfect friend to the well known Yogi Bear, and often acts as Yogi’s wise conscious.  I don’t know about you, but I think we could all use a pal like Boo Boo to be our voice of reasoning.




Donkey has a loud mouth and a big personality, but he makes a loyal friend to Shrek as they go on constant dangerous adventures to save the kingdom. While Donkey may not be the bravest or most heroic character, his witty remarks and willingness to face his fears for his friends makes him a great person to spend the day with.


Stewie Griffin

Stewie Griffin

Those who would question why you would possibly want to be friends with a baby have never met Stewie Griffin. The maniacal baby evil genius can build just about anything including a time traveling machine and teleporter. His ability to make such advanced contraptions while still keeping many traits of an actual baby makes him an interesting character that anyone would want to spend the day with, as long as we don’t have to change his diaper.


Winnie the Pooh

winnie the pooh

If you are a lover of all things honey and honey-related then you would make great friends with Winnie the Pooh. Pooh is a simple friendly little bear who is always content as long as he has one hand in the honey pot.




Who could forget the adorable owner of the very well known quote “Ohana means family” and Lilo’s pet on Lilo and Stitch? Stitch may be an alien not from this planet, but he has the concept of friendship and family down better than most humans do. For an amazing day of surfing with your favorite alien, Stitch is the best friend for you.


Barney Rubble

barnie rubble

Barney has been a loyal friend to Fred since they first met and would make a great loyal friend to just about anyone. Both Barney and Fred are avid bowlers, so if you enjoy a good strike every once in a while, Barney is the friend for you (as long as you know how to bowl with a ginormous rock).


Ms. Frizzle

Ms. Frizzle

Who didn’t want to take a field trip on the Magic School Bus in their childhood? Ms.Frizzle was the crazy kooky 4th grade science teacher who always found a way to make learning a fun magical adventure. And who could forget all of her crazy themed dresses she wore? She was an amazing teacher who also made a great friend to all of her students.


Homer Simpson

homer simpson

Homer Simpson is a great friend because he is up to doing just about anything, as long as it isn’t too much work. Whether it’s sitting on the couch, eating a donut, or hanging out at Moe’s Tavern, Homer makes even the simplest activities amusing.


Bart Simpson

Bart Simpson

For a younger, more rebellious Homer, we have his son Bart. Bart is known for being a wise-cracker and huge practical joker, but what else would you expect from a 10-year-old boy? He is the perfect friend to have if you are wanting to pull some outrageous pranks and have a great laugh.


Tommy Pickles

tommy pickles

Tommy is the perfect friend for those who are full of imagination and adventure. When dealing with the Rugrat babies you’re never going to be in for a boring day, but that is all mostly thanks to their magnificent leader Tommy.




Goofy makes a great friend to everyone because he’s exactly like his name: Goofy! His signature hiccup laugh and clumsy playful antics will keep you entertained for hours just by watching him. He is also a great friend because although he is Goofy, he truly has a heart of gold.


Batman/Bruce Wayne

batman black background

No more stopping at red lights with a ride in the Batmobile. While Batman is considered to be one of the darker superheros of the DC Comics, he certainly makes for a great friend to have if you’re ever in major trouble and need rescuing.


Inspector Gadget

inspector gadget on laptop

Who wouldn’t want a friend that has a nifty gadget for every situation? If anything, it’d just be nice to activate some go-go-gadget backscratchers every now and then.




Although he may be somewhat over-enthusiastic at times, Spongebob is willing to do anything for his friends and for the Krusty Krab. This sweet little sponge is the perfect friend for anyone who likes to practice karate and eat a good burger.


Shaggy & Scooby-Doo

scooby and shaggie

If you’re someone who is constantly looking for their next snack, then this dynamic duo will make the perfect friends for you. Whether it’s a 10 foot tall sub sandwich or an entire box of Scooby Snacks, you never have to worry about packing your own lunches with these two around.


Bugs Bunny

bugs bunny

Best known for his world famous phrase, “What’s up, doc?” this crazy bunny is always up to some crazy shenanigans. Being Bugs Bunny’s friend is best for those who always like to be on the run.


Mickey Mouse

mickey mouse

As if we could ever forget the most famous mouse in the world, Mickey Mouse! Mickey is friendly and kind to everyone he meets, which makes him the best cartoon friend you could possibly have. We imagine being friends with Mickey would also include many trips to Disneyland and Disney World; now who could possibly top that?

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