25 Biggest Plastic Surgery Fails You Won’t Believe

Posted by , Updated on November 8, 2017


Despite its modern popularity, plastic surgery is actually an old medical practice and can be traced back to 2,000 B.C. in India and Egypt. Of course, our technology has progressed since then, and it’s now a multi-billion dollar industry. While some use it for medical reasons, others in the entertainment industry use it to enhance their features and prolong their youth. Unfortunately, many in the latter category have taken it too far and have become addicted, resulting in a deformed and unnatural look. So, who are these actors and models who took plastic surgery too far? Here are 25 Biggest Plastic Surgery Fails You Won’t Believe.


Nikki Cox

nikki cox

Bristol Palin

bristol palin

Mickey Rourke

mickey rourke

Pamela Anderson

pamela anderson

La Toya Jackson

la toya jackson

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