25 Alarming Global Warming Statistics

Global warming is among the most alarming environmental issues that the world faces today. This phenomenon does not simply involve the significant rise in the earth’s temperature but a lot more. The adverse effects of global warming have become more and more apparent since the dawn of the 20th century, with more hurricanes and tropical storms causing massive destruction in different areas around the world, more animal species losing their habitats and becoming extinct, and more people dying because of too much heat. Here are 25 alarming global warming statistics.

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Humans release 37 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide every year.


Humans are the major contributors of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Based on studies, human activities are responsible for about 37 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide every year.


The level of carbon dioxide in the 20th century has been the highest in 650,000 years.


The 20th century marks the highest carbon dioxide levels in the history of the planet. Studies show that the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere today is higher than it was 650,000 years ago.


People dump carbon dioxide into the environment at 1000 tons per second.


Global warming is a result of excessive amount of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere. Based on studies, the rate at which humans dump carbon dioxide into the environment is 1000 tons per second.


More than 1 million species have already faced extinction due to global warming.


Global warming does not simply cause a significant increase in the temperature of the earth but also leads to the destruction of habitats and ecosystems. This explains why over a million species have already become extinct.


In the near future, around a hundred million people will see 3 feet of sea level rise.


According to scientists, if global warming persists, around 100 million around the world will live with three feet of sea level rise. This threat especially applies to people living in coastal cities.

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