The Best WiFi Routers for 2019 Reviewed

The internet has become one of the most important entities in our daily life. If you want to get the most out of it, then it’s simply not enough to go for the best cable service or a costly modem. You also need to have in your possession a best-in-class WiFi router to help you get an uninterrupted high-speed internet signal across every corner of your home.

If your usage is limited to only using the internet from your laptop, you may not require a WiFi router as you can simply connect using your laptop. However, if you intend to connect more than one device to the internet, then you definitely need to go for a WiFi router.

When it comes to choosing the best WiFi router, you’ll need to decide which one best fits your needs based on various factors including the size of coverage expected, the number of devices you need to connect to the internet, and a few other considerations. It’s always better to go for routers that satisfy your needs rather than buying an expensive router and not getting to use its advanced features.

A new router can definitely play a big role in providing internet to all your family members. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best WiFi routers suited for various activities like the best WiFi router for gaming, security, long-range, etc.


What is an MU-MIMO Router?

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WiFi routers have grown in leaps and bounds, and MU-MIMO is the latest technology that many WiFi routers come equipped with these days. Multi-User, Multiple Input, Multiple Output (MU-MIMO) enables users to connect various mobile devices to the router simultaneously. Previously, it was just SU-MIMO where SU refers to Single User, but the advent of Multi-User (MU) has enabled manufacturers to increase the number of antennas for both sending and receiving signals.

MU-MIMO is certainly considered to be the next-gen technology of the future, but we can say that it’s not completely out there yet. Not all mobile devices support MU-MIMO enabled WiFi routers, but we can guarantee that every router in the future will come equipped with MU-MIMO technology.


What is a Mesh Network?

mesh network concept

A wireless Mesh Network is a type of network that is being used in many WiFi routers that uses radio nodes that are organized to resemble a mesh network. The word mesh refers to the high-quality and rich connection being made between the connected device and nodes in the network. You can even see the mesh network being used in the popular Google WiFi routers. These kinds of WiFi mesh routers can be of great help when you live in a large home and a single router can’t provide you with the necessary signal reach. Here mesh network routers can be of great help as you can provide seamless and high-speed internet connection across a wider area.


Types of WiFi Routers - Things to Consider While Buying a WiFi Router

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When it comes to choosing the best WiFi router, you need to consider the following factors:


Even though WiFi routers have improved leaps and bounds, the antenna still plays a huge role in your connectivity and signal strength. So if you have a large house, then better go for a router with multiple antennas. The larger the number of antennas, the larger the range of your internet connection. Just remember that some of the latest routers come with internal antennae and still can provide great signal strength.

Dual-band or Tri-band

Most of the routers available these days are dual band routers because there are other pieces of equipment in your house that also operate in the same frequency range of 2.4 GHz, such as your microwave oven, cordless phones, and Bluetooth devices. To overcome this problem, you need to go for a dual-band WiFi router that can operate up to 5GHz frequency bands.

USB Port

Having a router equipped with a USB port allows you to connect a USB drive, printer, or even your hard disk easily. Some WiFi routers even provide support for USB dongles. This allows you to easily share the resources wirelessly.


Another important aspect is security. You’ll want to look for WiFi routers that offer various security protocols including WEP, WPA, and WPA2. If you have kids, better look for routers that come with parental control options.


When it comes a WiFi router, the important aspect is the speed it offers and routers come at various speed levels right from 300 Mbps to 4000Mbps, so it’s best to choose a router that satisfies your speed requirements.

The Standards

When looking to buy a WiFi router for your home or workplace, it’s important to understand the standards behind the WiFi router. You can see some letters inscribed in the routers like ‘b,’ ‘g,’ and ‘n,’ but do you know what these letters stand for? These generally refer to wireless communication standards as you can see in 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n. The first generation WiFi routers were normally indicated with the ‘b,’ which was followed by 802.11g, and the latest generation routers come with a standard of 802.11n. Basically what these standards mean is the difference in speed each generation offers. So if you have a router that comes with 802.11n, it means you are using a WiFi router that comes with more speed and stability.

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