Travis Scott Net Worth

Net Worth: $22,000,000

Travis Scott Net Worth
Net Worth$22 Million
BornApril 30, 1992
Country of OriginUnited States of America
Source of WealthProfessional Rapper

What is Travis Scott’s net worth? A lot. Travis Scott was born Jacques Webster II in Houston, Texas, on April 30, 1991. Like Beyonce and Lebron James, Scott grew up in the suburbs. He grew up in Houston and started making music as a teenager.

In 2009, he formed a duo called the Graduates with Chris Holloway, and they released an EP together that same year. In 2010, he started another duo, the Classmates, with OG Chess. They released two albums together but then broke up near the end of 2011.

After that, Scott dropped out of college and moved to Los Angeles to chase his music dreams. He became friends with T.I. and Kanye West, which led to him becoming an in-house producer for GOOD Music. Travis Scott’s net worth began to grow by leaps and bounds.

His debut solo mixtape was set to be released as a free download in 2012, but his popularity grew before the release, so they decided to push it back until May of 2013. It received positive reviews from critics and was nominated for Best Mixtape at the 2013 BET Hip Hop Awards.

In 2015, Scott released his debut studio album, Rodeo. It featured guest spots from Future, Quavo, 2 Chainz, The Weeknd, Kanye West and even Justin Bieber. The album debuted at number three on the Billboard 200 and went certified platinum by May 2017.

And while Scott was already popular during this time, his stardom reached incredible heights in 2018 with the release of his third studio album, Astroworld. It debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 and quickly became Scott’s best selling album to date.

Not only was the album a commercial success, it also performed well with the critics. It was nominated for Best Rap Album at the 61st Grammy Awards but ended up losing to Cardi B’s Invasion of Privacy.

The successful album sparked the Astroworld – Wish You Were Here tour, which has become one of the most profitable tours in recent memory. In the tour’s first three months, it grossed a ridiculous $34.3 million.

Scott’s net worth is at around $22 million, but that’s changing by the minute. By 2020, it’ll likely be well over $30 million.

Not that it really matters considering he’s currently in a relationship with billionaire Kylie Jenner. They have one child together. Life is pretty damn good for Scott at the moment. Travis Scott’s net worth is at the same level as Chris Brown, Kevin Hart, and Dr. Dre. It must feel good to be in the multi-millionaires club.

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