25 Top Futuristic Things We Are Still Waiting For

For the past century, science fiction has been promising us a future filled with hoverboards, force fields, invisibility cloaks, and moon bases. Much of science fiction technology has become science fact, like cell phones and advanced computers. So, why not laser swords? Unfortunately, your dreams of driving a flying car to work will likely remain unfulfilled, but you might be surprised how close we are to developing the technology these 25 Top Futuristic Things We Are Still Waiting For.

Laser Guns

laser gun

If everything is bulletproof in the future, the man holding the laser gun wins. Of course, while the military already has laser guns, they only shoot invisible beams, meaning you might as well keep your bullets. No one will know you’re the cool guy holding the laser gun anyway (until we get to the bulletproof future, of course).


Force Fields

force field

The irony of bulletproof is by keeping stuff from being destroyed, everything also has to be surrounded by force fields. On a serious note, however, this technology is more or less already being deployed on the battlefield. Some tanks are protected by an incoming projectile detection system. They release an electric charge surrounding the vehicle that repels the missile.



star trek fed

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld once noted that, in the future, fashion will be a thing of the past. As every Trekkie knows, it’s only a matter of time before we’re all wearing that same silver one-piece jumpsuit.


Hologram Projectors


Yeah, we know these things already exist, but none of them are anywhere near the level of cool that shoots out of R2D2′s face. Besides, making 2D images appear to be 3D is kind of cheating. Maybe we just have to wait until someone comes out with…




Not to be confused with cyborgs, androids are 100% machine…no humans body parts included. What they do have in common, however, is that they are both very near to becoming a reality with huge advances over the last several decades in implementing artificial intelligence.

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