25 Top Futuristic Things We Are Still Waiting For

For the past century, science fiction has been promising us a future filled with hoverboards, force fields, invisibility cloaks, and moon bases. Much of science fiction technology has become science fact, like cell phones and advanced computers. So, why not laser swords? Unfortunately, your dreams of driving a flying car to work will likely remain unfulfilled, but you might be surprised how close we are to developing the technology these 25 Top Futuristic Things We Are Still Waiting For.



Ever since Germany tried using them to launch soldiers over minefields in World War II, jetpack use has, for the most part, been limited to classy English spies and astronauts. This may be one of the first items to get bumped off this list, however, as Martin Aircraft Company in New Zealand just signed a multi-million dollar deal to make them commercially available.


Virtual Reality


Sure, we already have this to some extent, but we’re talking Matrix level – something that taps directly into the brain. Given the advances we’ve seen in this department over the past few years, though, it’s not too far off.


Augmented Reality

augmented reality

Not to be confused with virtual reality, augmented reality doesn’t replace the real world with a simulated one but simply enhances your experience by giving you some extra, computer-generated feedback about it. Think Terminator vision. The coolest part about this, however, is that it’s probably closer to a reality than almost anything else on this list, with researchers at the University of Washington developing contact lenses with bionic vision.


Meal Pills

meal pills

As cool as it would be to never have to chew again, this one is likely to stay on this list for a while. On average, your body requires around 2,000 calories every day, but even if you condensed that into calorie packed, fat-filled pills, you would still have to swallow over half a pound of them before going to sleep again. There is still hope, however, as scientists say they are close to coming out with chewing gum that somehow manages to simulate a three course meal.




Depending on your definition of cyborg, this may or may not already be a reality. In fact, there are numerous cases of people losing body parts and replacing them with mechanized versions. As far as running into RopoCop on the street though…that could still be a while.

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