Top 25 Facts About Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge and The Invention of Coffee

Here is an incredible list: 25 facts about Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge. Hey you! yes, you drinking that coffee. Are you enjoying the satisfying warmth, on a cold day?

Or perhaps you’re drinking an iced coffee on a summer day mixed with Hazelnut syrup with a dash of whip cream. Maybe you aren’t even drinking it, but are using coffee in unique and interesting ways.

Did you know that Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge is the scientist who discovered coffee? Like many great inventions in history, it was discovered by accident. 

Ferdinand Runge was also was responsible for discovering the first way to dye clothes. He was one of several scientists whose discovery changed the world in unbelievable ways. So, raise your mugs and read the Top 25 Facts About Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge

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First Discovery of the Belladonna


Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge discovered the effects of the belladonna plant. He accidentally got some in his eyes and noticed his eyes dilated. He also noticed the plant caused effects, such as blurred vision, dry mouth, and mental problems.




Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge was a professor at The University of Breslau, which was nearly destroyed by the French general Napoleon Bonaparte. Ironically, Napoleon was a big lover of coffee.


Runge and Goethe


Runge discovered caffeine during the time he discovered the effects of belladonna. He was with a writer by the name Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who told him to put belladonna into the eyes of a cat. Goethe was so impressed with the effects of the experimentation, he gave him a bag of coffee beans to analyze the contents.


Discovery of Coal Tar-Dyes


Tar dyes are artificial coloring agents that can be found in shampoo and food. They are also used to cure and kill head lice, and treat skin problems.


He had other jobs


Before he landed a job in chemistry, Runge worked as a pharmacist and as a physician. His first chemistry job was at the University of Breslau.

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