Top 25 Facts About Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge and The Invention of Coffee

Here is an incredible list: 25 facts about Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge. Hey you! yes, you drinking that coffee. Are you enjoying the satisfying warmth, on a cold day?

Or perhaps you’re drinking an iced coffee on a summer day mixed with Hazelnut syrup with a dash of whip cream. Maybe you aren’t even drinking it, but are using coffee in unique and interesting ways.

Did you know that Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge is the scientist who discovered coffee? Like many great inventions in history, it was discovered by accident. 

Ferdinand Runge was also was responsible for discovering the first way to dye clothes. He was one of several scientists whose discovery changed the world in unbelievable ways. So, raise your mugs and read the Top 25 Facts About Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge

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His Family and Sibilings

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Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge came from a rather large family. Runge had seven siblings all who were raised by a single father. His father was a minister.


Early Scientific Fascination


Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge was born on February 8, 1794, in Billwerder. At a very early age he was fascinated with science and chemistry.


Discovery of Caffeine


Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge discovered caffeine almost by accident. He was experimenting with something else when an accident happened and it led to the discovery of caffeine.


A Young Scientist


Runge was only 25 years old when he discovered caffeine. This proves you’re never too young for great discoveries.


His Upbrining


Runge’s mother died when he was only 12. He was raised by his father who was a Lutheran minister.

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