25 Craziest Breakdance Moves

If you think you’ve seen the best dance moves, then think again. Breakdancing utilizes elements of martial arts, gymnastics, and even yoga. Today, breakdancers, better known as Bboys or Bgirls, have pushed the limits of the human body to the point of almost defying gravity. Straight from the underground dance scene, get ready to witness the top 25 Craziest Breakdance Moves!


Elbow Chair Spins


It’s almost impossible to imagine how this move was invented, but someone did it. After much practice, Bboy Uzee Rock has mastered the art of spinning on the very tip of his elbow while his body is parallel to the ground.


1.5 Air Flares


If you can already air flare, what would be the next step? Thats right! You just rotate your body an extra 180º degrees so that you land on your shoulder instead of your hands. No big deal right? Use a gym mat or soft ground when practicing because this move takes a lot of guts.


One-Arm Elbow Tracks


Put on some elbow pads because this move will hurt. There are no tricks to making this move easier; you have to be in shape and become comfortable stringing together power moves. At this point in practice, it’s really just about going for it. Some bboys have even managed to put together 6 of these bad boys in a row.


One-Handed Air Flare


If you’ve made it this far in performing crazy breakdance moves, you still have one task ahead of you- the one arm air flare. This move just became popular among many ‘powermovers’ around the world. When done the right way, it can look very graceful. When done the wrong way, it can be very dangerous.


One-Handed Chair Flare

One Hand Chair Flare Breakdance Move

This move is absolutely ridiculous. Some of you may think it’s amazing that this guys’ arm doesn’t just collapse on the spot. You need a lot of shoulder strength to hop high enough, rotate fully, and catch safely on the same arm. The bboy in this gif is named ‘Bboy Kill,’ for obvious reasons.

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