Top 25 Bands That Start With The Letter E

How many bands can you name that start with E? Amazingly, not as much as you may think. It’s probably easier to come up with a list of songs with unbelievable backstories.

There are plenty of songs with outrageous lyrics and even more songs with unbelievably sad messages, but coming up with a list of bands that start with the letter E, that is tough.

The Eagles and Evanescence are two very popular bands that start with the letter E, but what else? Don’t get a headache thinking about it, because we already have that list going! So, sit back, have your Spotify handy and read about the top 25 bands that start with the letter E.

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The Echoes


The Echoes were an English musical group. They were established in London in early 1960 by singer Chris Wayne.

The brightest moment in this band’s career was probably the night that a young Ringo Star joined the group and played the drums during a live show.

That was in 1962, and Ringo Star was still an unknown musician looking for his place in the musical stage.




Everclear formed in Portland back in 1992, by Art Alexakis. They were one of the most famous groups from the 1990s.  Their second album,1995’s Sparkle and Fade, went platinum in both the US and Canada.

Four singles were released from that album, including “Santa Monica,”  which reached number one on the Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart.

So Much for the Afterglow was released in 1997 and became Everclear’s best-selling album, going two times platinum in the US and Canada. The 90s kids who’re reading this list are probably feeling nostalgic right now!


Eiffel 65


Eiffel 65 is an Italian Eurodance group, formed in the late ’90s. The name “Eiffel” was chosen randomly by a computer program.

The “65” was scribbled onto their name on a demo by mistake. It was actually part of a phone number.

The group’s most popular hit “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” achieved incredible worldwide sales and reached number one in 23 different countries.


East 17


East 17 was a 90s British group that was quite popular with teenage girls. Interestingly, the name of the group was actually just the first part of the group member’s postal code.

And, their first album was named after their hometown Walthamstow in Greater London. Their style blended pop and hip hop in songs such as “It’s Alright,” “House of Love” and “Let It Rain.”

The group sold over 20 million albums worldwide. Their biggest selling single, “Stay Another Day,” was the UK Christmas number one of 1994.


The Edsels


The Edsels formed in the town of Campbell, Ohio, in the 1950s. They borrowed their name from the Ford automobile. Their first release in 1958 was “Rama Lama Ding Dong” which did not make it to the charts.

In 1961, however, various DJ’s started playing the song and it was re-released on Twin Records, eventually peaking at #21 on Billboard charts.

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