Top 20 Facts About Harambe: The Gorilla Killed At The Cincinnati Zoo

Presenting an intriguing list: top 20 facts about Harambe. The gorilla was killed at the Cincinnati Zoo, one of the largest animal enclosure attractions in the US.  For those of you who lived under a rock, zoo officials killed him to save the life of a young child who fell into his enclosure. The incident was far from being the worst animal attack in recent US history, but it still caused a lot of outrage. Morbidly, it also became the topic of memes and jokes online.

Three years later and people still debate if his murder was the right call. Animal rights activists put the blame on authorities for not fencing the enclosure well. Others blame the irresponsible parents of the toddler. But who was Harambe before he was killed? Gorillas, like several large predators, can kill a human in an instant, but was that Harambe’s intention? We’ll never know. 

However, what we do know is that Harambe was a gorilla who died a very unfortunate death. And with that in mind, we honor his life with 20 facts about Harambe we think you should know. 

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He Was A Heavyweight


Speaking in boxing terms, Harambe was a super-heavyweight as he weighed between 400-440 pounds.


A "Gentle Giant"


The man who raised Harambe in Texas, Jerry Jones, gave him the nickname “gentle giant” because of his big size and friendly character.


A Relatively New Addition To the Zoo


He moved to Cincinnati Zoo in 2014, after being in Gladys Porter Zoo, Texas, for almost 15 years. He was moved there to learn adult gorilla behavior and join a new social group.


He Had A Family At the Zoo


He wasn’t alone at the Cincinnati Zoo. He was one of the ten lowland silverback gorillas at the habitat.


His Kind Is In Danger


According to CNN, nearly 5% of Harambe’s kind are killed in the wild on an annual basis. Other than hunting, lack of habitat and fatal diseases are also a menace to this kind of gorillas.

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