Top 15 Best Dog Training Videos – Ranked!

Are you having difficulties getting your dog to behave? Dogs can be a real handful especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Fortunately, YouTube has plenty of dog training videos to help out. So, whether your dog won’t stop going to the bathroom in the house, are constantly barking, or keep jumping up on people, these effective training videos show you ways to stop these irritating behaviors. You can also learn to teach your dog some cool tricks to impress your friends at the next dinner party. So, grab your dog treats, here are the Top 15 Best Dog Training Videos- Ranked!


How to Teach the Give Paw Trick | Dog Training

Dog trainer Jo Ann Basinger of Andrea Arden Dog Training, offers her 20-year teaching experience by showing how to get your dog to give you their paw. The biggest key to teaching this trick is to make it fun. It’s also important not to grab your dog but let them try to figure it out on their own. Like most dog tricks, you will need to have some treats handy.


How to Train your Dog to Come When Called

Mr. George with another very helpful tip on getting your dog to come to you when you call them. Dogs don’t always come to you when they’re called. In fact, a lot of them will either stay in one place or go in the opposite direction to where you want them. Zak George says that one important thing is to teach them early on and to also let them see how excited you are that they came when you called them. Also, make sure you have those treats.


How to teach any dog to FETCH!

When a dog learns how to fetch, they have the time of their lives, but first, you need to teach them by using enthusiasm and small steps. The trainers at “Training Positive” show you that by having fun and using baby talk, you can begin teaching your dog how to play fetch.


Teach a Puppy to Lie Down | Teacher's Pet With Victoria Stilwell

If you have already gotten your pup to sit, then you may want to teach them to lie down, and hopefully, they’ll go to sleep. Victoria Stilwell, dog trainer and author of the book “It’s The Dog or Me,” demonstrates with simply lowering your hand with a treat inside, you can get your dog to lie down.


Dog Aggression Towards Other Dogs Put a Stop to Dominant Behavior & Dog Aggression NOW!

Although dogs can be playful, they can also be territorial, especially with other dogs. Sometimes, younger dogs who have not been around other dogs don’t know how to behave or pick up on cues, so they ended up getting aggressive and start nasty fights. Online dog trainer “Doogy” Dan shows how using a non-approach method at first and then using a leash and controlling their movements is an effective way to get your dog to calm down around other dogs.

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