Top 10 Reese Witherspoon Book Club Picks For Every Reader

Posted by , Updated on September 28, 2023

So what are the top 10 Reese Witherspoon book club picks for every reader? Will they include New York best sellers, probably. Witherspoon’s recommendations run the gamut of plot lines and are sure to satisfy a wide range of readers looking for action, adventure, and most importantly, a cerebral explosion of entertainment.

Reese Witherspoon’s book club, Hello Sunshine, made its debut in November of 2016. However, the site is more than a simple book club. There is a digital shop, author pages, and Witherspoon’s own charming videos explaining her recommendations.

So, how did we managed to select only 10 Reese Witherspoon book club picks? We’re not going to lie, it was difficult to choose. There are many great books, but we did gather a list and here they are: Enjoy and happy reading!

From Scratch by Tembi Locke 
A recent favorite from Reese Witherspoon’s book club, “From Scratch” is a riveting read. The memoir tells the tale of one woman’s journey to reconcile many obstacles in her life.

The premise
Set against a mesmerizing Sicilian countryside, the story unfolds as Tembi Locke drives through the nostalgic beauty, reminiscing about the past. Locke’s wandering thoughts rest on her dead husband, whose ashes are in a wooden box, tucked between her legs. The memoir is gripping and will leave you with many things to mull over!