Top 10 Beach Travel Destinations

You’re looking to get away but need advice on beach travel destinations. You’re probably reading this right now and saying “I could sure use a vacation.” We got you covered. After all, you deserve one. You’ve put in long hours at the office, watching the time pass by, staring out your window, just wishing you could be on a beautiful sandy beach with a drink in your hand, getting some sun, and breathing in the ocean air. You probably stopped reading this article after the word vacation. It’s okay. If you’re looking for someplace to go, we can suggest a few. Whether you want to relax on the beach, go surfing, or party it up. Here are the Top 10 Beach Travel Destinations.


Baia de Sancho, Brazil


Voted as one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, Baia de Sancho has pure white sand and clear blue water. If you’re feeling brave, you can dive into the water from top of their cliffs.


Kapalua Beach, HI


You’ll experience plenty of adventures while on vacation in Hawaii. For instance, you can surf, go to a luau, or take a stroll along the beautiful beach as you watch the colorful Hawaii sunset.


South Beach, FL


South Beach has it all! Relaxing Beaches, a wide variety of nightclubs and restaurants. Start your day soaking up the sun rays and then head on out with your friends and family for dinner, drinks, and dancing. You may even spot a celebrity or two.


St. Croix, Virgin Islands


St. Croix is located in the Caribbean Sea and has some of the most beautiful beaches. It also has plenty of golfing, casinos, and exquisite eating experiences. If you’ve never been to a rain forest before, then remember to visit the one in Frederiksted.


Aruba, The Carribean


Aruba is a country located in the kingdom of the Netherlands. It’s the most popular destination in the Caribbean due to the friendly people that live and work on the island, making it a warm travel destination for all people.

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