The Characters of Anime that Make the Series

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List25 presents – The Characters of Anime that Make the Series: It’s true, the best anime characters come in many different shapes and sizes, but one thing they have is an incredible backstory. That’s what turns a mundane anime series into one that belongs on a best anime series list! You wouldn’t watch anything if the characters were all boring or one dimensional. Which characters stand out above the rest? Come with me as we find out which anime characters really make their series.



The Characters of Anime that Make the Series

Let me preface this by letting you know, I LOVE anime; I think the fact that there’s a series for everyone due to all the genres and stories out there is incredible (so for people that say they don’t like anime, you probably just haven’t found one you like yet). That being said, I haven’t seen EVERY anime. In fact, just before I started writing this, I looked up the Top 100 Anime of all time JUST to make sure I wasn’t forgetting any, and I was kinda disappointed with how many I hadn’t seen. I know how opinionated and protective anime fans can be, so rather than put a bunch on here that I haven’t seen (I’m very busy), you’re only going to get ones I have seen because I want to speak from my heart.


Pikachu (Pokémon)

The Characters of Anime that Make the Series

This is one was a bit difficult. I know Ash is the main character, but I think without Pikachu, this series wouldn’t be the same. Pikachu is the heart, the main driver for Ash at the beginning, not to mention that capturing Pikachu was Team Rocket’s sole purpose for the longest time. Plus, I mean, he’s pretty much the mascot of the entire series! So, yeah.

Runner Up: Team Rocket


Kosuna (Desert Punk)

The Characters of Anime that Make the Series

Once again, the main character doesn’t take the spot. Kosuna is Kanta’s apprentice, and she tries her best to keep him grounded and be the moral compass, but his perverted and mercenary ways always get the better of him. She is a bit annoying at first, but you soon grow to love her. Which is a good thing because half way through the series, she becomes the main character.

Runner Up: Kanta


Death the Kid (Soul Eater)

The Characters of Anime that Make the Series

Simply put, I think Death the Kid makes Soul Eater fun. Soul is very dark and moody, Black☆Star is annoyingly arrogant (as he is meant to be), but Death the Kid is where I get most of the laughs when I watch Soul Eater. His complete and utter NEED for everything to be symmetrical allows for some hilarious situations, never mind the fact that he himself isn’t symmetrical, and neither are his weapons Liz and Patty. No pun intended, but I really think he balances out the cast.

Runner Up: Maka Albarn


Krillin (Dragon Ball)

The Characters of Anime that Make the Series

What? Not Goku? I mean sure, yes, he’s pretty important in the series, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Krillin. From growing up with Goku, seeing him more as a rival (even later admitting to hating him at first) to becoming his lifelong best friend, I think he keeps the series grounded. He plays the straight man to Goku’s (and sometimes Gohan’s) wackiness and superhuman abilities. Yes, he’s the comic relief, but he’s way more of a relatable character than those two, and I don’t think the series would be the same without him, no matter HOW many times it kills him off.

Runner Up: Goku


Ranma Saotome (Ranma ½)

The Characters of Anime that Make the Series

My second favorite anime of all time is Ranma ½. This was a very difficult anime to choose just one character from the entire cast that makes the show, from Akane to Ukyo and everyone in between. Probably more than any other series, I go back and forth on who my favorite character is. (However, I still think Ukyo is my favorite love interest for Ranma.) Ultimately, I think I land on Ranma himself. The crazy antics he gets into, both male and female Ranma, are just what make the series so fun to watch. I love how one minute he’s absolutely against doing something as a girl because he’d be embarrassed to immediately having a blast and taking total advantage of Kuno or Happosai.

Runner Up: Shampoo


Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)

The Characters of Anime that Make the Series

You may have noticed I tend to mention Fullmetal Alchmist a lot. Well that’s cause it’s my favorite anime (both 2003 and Brotherhood). And I know it’s a little obvious saying that Ed really makes the series since he is the main character and all (not including Al), but it honestly wouldn’t be the same without him. Ever since I first discovered this show all those years ago, I immediately connected with Ed (except for his hatred of milk). We get to follow him as he grows (literally) and matures from a cocky alchemist to a young man who has seen it all and does all he can to save everyone (albeit not always successfully).

Runner up: Alphonse Elric

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