The Butcher of Plainfield: 25 Unbelievable Ed Gein Facts To Shock You!

Presenting a serial-killer of a list: The Butcher of Plainfield: 25 Unbelievable Ed Gein Facts To Shock You! As “The Butcher of Plainfield,” Ed Gein was a twisted man who killed because he could.

Like all serial killers, Ed Gein had a troubled childhood. He suffered badly. Gein’s deep hatred of society stemmed from years of torment by the hands of his mother. Ed Gein’s abusive childhood haunted him and eventually turned him into a monster.

He spiraled out of control when he became an adult, turning into the infamous “Butcher of Plainfield.” Needless to say, Ed Gein was also the inspiration behind numerous songs and movie characters. Gein was the inspiration for the movie Psycho, and he is said to have inspired “black humor.”

So. whether you’re a serial killer aficionado or just fascinated by graphic things, here are 25 Unbelievable Ed Gein Facts To Shock You!

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He made a mommy suit


After his mother died he made a suit out of her skin so he could become her and crawl inside of her.


He kept shrunken heads in his house


He told people they were souvenirs from the Philippines, but they were actually human facial skin peeled from the corpses that Gein used as masks.


Police brutality was one reason he was let go for a crime

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In 1953, a babysitter named Evelyn Hartley had disappeared and Gein was the suspect. When he was questioned he was beaten severely by sheriff Art Schley and Gein’s confession was thrown out.


His father was a severe alcoholic


Ed’s father’s alcoholism was so bad he couldn’t hold onto any job. Ed’s mother hated him for this. The father eventually died of heart failure.


He gained fame through grave robbing


It was this practice that brought Ed Gein his notoriety. He was said to have used skins from the corpses to make furniture such as lampshades.

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