25 Most Remote Places In The World

Posted by , Updated on June 18, 2018

Get ready to add these 25 most remote places in the world to your travel list! You already know what places you need to see before you die, but you will regret if you do not attempt to reach these hidden gems. This list is going to take you on a tour that will involve everything from isolated arctic islands to secluded canyons. By the end of it, you will have probably gained a new appreciation for the people in your life (or maybe you’ll start packing your bags). Either way, we hope you enjoy our compilation of the 25 Most Remote Places In The World.


Oymyakon, Siberia

Snow drifts in the Oymyakon MountainsPictures from Oymyakon, Russia, the coldest town on Earth - INSIDER

A village in Oymyakonsky Ulus of the Sakha Republic, Russia, boasts a population of 521. It holds the record for lowest recorded temperature on Earth for any permanently inhabited location at −69.2 °C (−93 °F).


Socotra Island


Described as “the most alien-looking place on Earth,” Socotra is home to some extremely bizarre flora thanks to its intense isolation from the rest of the world. In spite of this, it’s actually inhabited by around 40,000 people, with no public transport (and two roads), but cars may be rented if required. The island does have an airport, however, with flights almost every day.


Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station

Research Station Antartica with flags in fronthttps://www.nsf.gov/od/opp/support/southp.jsp

If you want isolation, there’s no place better than Antarctica. And if you really want isolation, there’s no place better in Antarctica that right smack dab on the south pole. The place is so isolated in fact, that in 1999 one of the physicians had to self-administer chemotherapy using supplies from a cargo drop when she discovered that she had breast cancer.


Deception Island, Antarctica


The Island got it’s name after a small aircraft pilot misjudged his distance from land and crashed, killing 4 passengers and leaving one to perish while he waited for help. If the story behind the name doesn’t put off adventurers, today they can wander around the remains of old Antarctic bases, long destroyed by volcanic eruptions, swim in volcanically heated waters at Pendulum Cove, or visit approximately 200,000 birds at Chinstrap Penguin colony.


Changtang, Tibet

Changtang Mountain surrounded with clouds

Swedish explorer Sven Hedin, in a crossing of Changtang, reported not seeing a single person for 81 days. As part of the remote Tibetan Plateau (which also happens to be on our list) Changtang really takes isolation to a level of its own…no pun intended.

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