The 25 Most Lethal Martial Arts Ever Created

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Since the beginning of time people have been striving to find the deadliest martial arts styles. What began with sticks and stones developed into extremely intricate and deadly types of martial arts self defense. So, in the interest of your own well being, it would be wise to avoid altercations with any skilled practitioners of the 25 most lethal martial arts ever created.

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Originating on the streets of the crime ridden Palama settlement in Hawaii, this highly effective and to the point martial art style combines numerous influences and was developed specifically to give locales the ability to defend themselves against not only gangs but also drunk navy sailors who had a tendency of starting fights.


Keysi Fighting Method

Keysi Fighting Method

Developed by Justo Deigues Serrano as the cumulation of his fighting experiences on the streets of Spain, the Keysi method is intended to be used for self defense in violent street level encounters. It has gained widespread popularity in recent years and was even featured in the newer Batman movies.



Sambo is a deadly combination of grappling and wrestling that was developed for the Red Army in the early 1920’s. It was originally created specifically to improve the Soviet special force’s hand to hand combat capabilities, but after a surge in crime the government began training security guards and public law enforcement as well. Evidently it’s a bad idea to rob banks in Russia.


Pit Fighting

Pit Fighting

Okay, although brawling isn’t really a martial art style, the idea of digging a pit and having two men duke it out street style just had to be on here somewhere. This modern day gladiator fighting was started by biker gangs in California and the practice has actually given rise to several world renowned competitive fighters.




Sometimes called Arnis or Kali in the west, Escrima is a Filipino Martial Art style that was outlawed by Spanish invaders as a result of it being “too dangerous”. Like some others on this list it only exists today because for the next several hundred years it was disguised as a dance.

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