25 Most Insane Restaurants In The World

Are you ready to hear about some of the most awesome restaurants in the world? And by awesome, we mean absolutely insane! They say that food brings people together, which is true, but now imagine that instead of eating in the same boring restaurants all the time, when you took your friends out to bond over a meal, your dinner would be served completely in pitch-black darkness. Sounds insane right? Well, that’s because these are the 25 Most Insane Restaurants in the World!

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This Dutch family restaurant located in Amsterdam is entirely staffed by children (almost). There are a couple of adults who supervise everything, but the premise is simple. Part restaurant, part culinary school, and part day care, parents drop their kids off in the morning and then return after work to enjoy what their children put together.


Robot Restaurant (Tokyo)


Are you looking for a place to get more of a show than a gourmet meal? Well, if you like flashy and vibrant lights and the idea of giant fembots duking it out, then this Robot Restaurant in Tokyo is the place for you.


Modern Toilet

the modern toilet

This popular chain of Taiwanese restaurants gives patrons the pleasure of eating from a toilet bowl, all while seated on a toilet bowl. Drinks are served in small plastic urinals, and although one would think that such a restaurant would be a gross mess, it’s actually very clean. According to the owner, the point is to shock and confuse the senses.


Dinner in the Sky

dinner in the skydailymail.co.uk, http://dinnerinthesky.com/

While they’re based in Belgium, this airborne dinner party can be taken anywhere in the world; the company even has partners in 45 different countries. Diners are strapped around a table that is suspended in the air by cranes and served by a small staff that that comes along for the ride.




The Unsicht-Bar, essentially meaning invisible bar in English, is found in Cologne, Germany. There is no light allowed and before patrons are led down into the pitch black dining area by their blind hosts, they must leave behind cell phones, watches, and any other photon emitting electronics.

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