25 Most Crowded Places On Earth

Posted by , Updated on May 28, 2018

With a number of crowded cities on Earth, it’s safe to say people like to be in close proximity to each other. With so many crowded places, the rest of world is pretty empty. If you have seen our list of the 25 most remote places in the world, then you’re familiar with lonely, quiet, and desolate parts of our world. On the other extreme, however, are places where you might have a hard time keeping people out of your bubble. However, cities aren’t the only densely populated areas. Ready to find out what is? Here are the 25 Most Crowded Places On Earth.


Shopping Center

mall of america

Although there are several shopping centers claiming to have the most traffic in the world (most being in Southeast Asia), due to unverifiable statistics, the prize for most crowded shopping plaza goes to the Mall of the America near the Twin Cities in Minnesota. It receives over 40 million annual visitors.



panama canal

Although in 1934 it was estimated that the Panama Canal should handle 80 million tonnes of cargo per year, today that number exceeds 300 million. According to researchers at the University of Oldenburg, this makes it the busiest waterway in the world with the Suez Canal coming in a close second.



shibuya crossingnotquitenigella.com

With over 2.5 million people crossing over the white stripes every day, Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo is by far the busiest intersection in the world.


Tourist Attraction

times square

At the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue from West 42nd to West 47th in downtown New York City, you will find what many have come to know as the “Crossroads of the World” (or more formally Times Square). According to Travel + Leisure Magazine, it is the most visited tourist attraction on Earth, pulling in over 39 million people every year.




Although in most parts of Europe, graves often get reused, in London this is not the case. The English are more like the Americans in that they prefer their eternal resting places to literally last for eternity. But, in a city that has been inhabited for thousands of years, the English are quickly running out of space.  The city’s largest cemetery has started asking people if they would be willing to share their grave with a stranger.

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