25 Grossest Jobs You Could Have

If you think your jobs is bad, think again! Unless it involves wading through human excrement, farming maggots, or peeling roadkill off the nation’s highways, you’ve got it pretty good. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Just note that this list isn’t for the squeamish, and check out the 25 Grossest Jobs You Could Have.

Slaughterhouse Worker


Its not just that your job involves killing things, but it also involves disemboweling them and separating the pieces. In fact, they said it would be enough to make some people go vegetarian, and evidently, quite often, it does.


Restaurant Dishwasher


If you think cleaning up after your kids at home is a mess, imagine cleaning up after hundreds of strangers day in and day out. They have to remove stuck on food, germs, and whatever else may have come in contact with each plate, bowl, cup, and utensil.


Fart Statistician

fart on elevator

Did you know that on average you fart 13.6 times a day? Neither did we. But thanks to these fart counting number crunchers, we have access to knowledge such as this.


Whale Snot Collector


This job is so gross that the scientists who do this dirty work actually invented a remote controlled helicopter to harvest the whale boogers for them. We know you’re wondering – why anyone would want whale boogers on their desk? Well, because they’re busy researching disease patterns in these over-sized mammals.




These doctors have the thankless task of treating anal issues, one of the dirtiest and most sensitive parts of the body. It takes a lot of confidence and a strong stomach to do what they do.

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