25 Fastest Things Known To Man

We have brought you some of the biggest things, smallest things, and weirdest things on Earth, but for this list we think you should know the fastest things known to man. From the beginning of time, mankind has dedicated countless hours to making everything from our bodies to our spaceships go just a little bit faster. We have a serious need for speed, and we are breaking our own records all the time. So from the fastest texter to the fastest animal, get ready to be left in the dust by this list of the 25 Fastest Things Known to Man!

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Fastest Land Animal

Close up of Cheetah sittinghttps://www.awf.org/wildlife-conservation/cheetah

By far the fastest land animal, the cheetah can reach speeds of up to 75 mph (120.7 kph), but after about 500 meters (1,640 ft), it has to stop and take a breather. It’s acceleration, however, is where it really shines as it can get from 0 to 60 mph in roughly three seconds. That’s faster than most production cars.


Fastest Woman

Florence Griffith-Joyner shaking hands with President Reganhttps://www.telegraph.co.uk/athletics/2017/08/06/tori-bowie-springs-surprise-womens-100m-final-elaine-thompson/

In 1988, American Florence Griffith-Joyner ran the 100m dash in 10.49 seconds, a record that is yet to be broken. Coming close is Tori Bowie, who ran the 100m in 10.85 seconds in the 2017 Olympics.


Fastest Man

Usain Bolt pointinghttps://www.theguardian.com/sport/ng-interactive/2017/aug/02/usain-bolt-fastest-man-ever-lived

In 2009, Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt broke the world record for the 100 meter dash with a time of 9.58 seconds. Born in 1986, he is the only sprinter in history to pull off a triple treble, winning Olympic gold medals in the 100m, 200m, and relay races three Olympics in a row.


Fastest Baseball Pitch

Image of Nolan Ryan on the field in his uniformhttps://www.si.com/extra-mustard/2015/04/22/fastball-pitching-documentary-mlb

While we all know that fastballs are something every baseball pitcher should have, some of the fastest pitches will absolutely blow your mind! While the highest average pitch speed in a season belongs to Aroldis Chapman, who throws 100mph balls without breaking a sweat, the fastest pitch recorded is Nolan Ryan with a 108.1 mph pitch in 1974.


Fastest Crash Test

Two panels of before and after car's impacthttp://www.networka.com/fifth-gear-conducts-the-fastest-car-crash-test-ever

Although EuroNCAP usually crashes vehicles at a measly 40mph (64kph) to assign production ratings, Fifth Gear decided to do something worthwhile when they crashed the Ford Focus, one of the EuroNCAP’s safest vehicles, into a wall at 120mph (193kph). Their conclusion? Don’t crash your Ford Focus into a wall at 120mph.

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