25 Dirtiest Things You Touch Every Day

It’s not surprising that the world is a dirty place full of millions of bacteria. What may come as a surprise, though, is what the dirtiest items in your house and in public are! After you read this list, you might think twice about touching certain items and then forgetting to wash your hands. Ready to find out what the germiest and dirtiest places and things are? Here we go…here are the 25 Dirtiest Things You Touch Every Day!

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Recent studies found ATMs to have high levels of bacillus and pseudomonads, two bacteria famous for causing sickness and diarrhea. Interestingly enough, these are the same bacteria that infest public toilets. So next time you reach to type in your PIN number, just imagine yourself running your hand around the rim of the toilet bowl across the street.


Remote Control

tv remote

While the cleanliness of your remote control at home will depend upon your own personal hygeine, know this – public remotes at hospitals, hotels, etc. are filthy little creatures. Not only do their cracks and crevices make them ideal for microbes, spores, and bodily fluids to hide, but studies have found semen, urine, and even SARS on public remotes.


Toilet Seat

toilet seat

Although you’d probably have to be pretty thirsty to drink from a public toilet, as you can see it’s certainly not the dirtiest thing you come in contact with on a regular basis. We still don’t recommend quenching your thirst from it though, as the statistics tell us there are about 295 bacteria per square inch covering its shiny surface.


Cell Phone

cell phone

Yup, it’s dirtier than your toilet seat. The reason for this is that phones are generally warm, and like the tv remotes, they have numerous crevices for bacteria to hide in. A recent study in the United Kingdom even found that some cell phones can be staph bacteria breeding grounds, which can lead to everything from skin infections all the way to meningitis.


Inside Latch of Public Bathroom Stall

bathroom door lock

At least the inside of the toilet bowl gets rinsed off a little bit with every flush, the latch on the door though…probably never. In fact, theres a good chance that since the stall was constructed it hasn’t been cleaned at all. Just another reason to wash your hands.

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