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  • 25 Romantic Places To Ask Someone To Marry You

    25 Romantic Places To Ask Someone To Marry You

    “Will you marry me”. Probably one of the scariest phrases ever uttered by an individual. It’s a combination of words that carry with it the potential of a complete and devastating rejection, or the blissful agreement of an enduring union. So much goes into this phrase: buying a ring, getting parents agreement, arranging flash choreography […] More

  • Wedding cake topper

    25 Outrageous Wedding Cake Toppers That Makes Any Wedding Worth Going To

    Traditionally, the wedding cake is one of the most important parts of the wedding reception and often, it is the cake topper that gets the main attention, especially if it is not a conventional one. In fact, the design of the wedding cake topper can be very funny and original, saying a lot about the […] More

  • 25 Wackiest Wedding Ceremonies

    25 Wackiest Wedding Ceremonies

    Getting hitched doesn’t happen everyday and for most people, it is considered to be one of the most– if not the most– important events of their lives. It goes without saying that couples would want their wedding day to be something they’d remember forever. However, some people take it up a notch and come up […] More