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  • 25 Mindblowing Volcanic Eruptions

    25 Mindblowing Volcanic Eruptions

    The occurrence of volcanic eruptions generates a feeling of bliss and fear. Bliss because you can see nature’s majesty in the form of molten lava spewing atop the volcano’s mouth but it also strikes fear as it can easily destroy lives and property. From huge explosions of ash and smoke to outbursts of flaming rocks […] More

  • 25 Incredible Close Up Photos of Exploding Lava

    25 Incredible Close Up Photos of Exploding Lava

    At over 1,200 degrees celsius lava is hot enough that getting close should certainly feel uncomfortable. For some photographers, however, the risk is worth it as it’s beauty and visual splendor outweigh the dangers. From lava tubes on the Hawaiian islands to glowing molten rock cascading over frozen cliffs in Iceland, these 25 incredible close up […] More