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  • 25 Incredibly Lame But Somewhat Useful Superpowers

    Superpowers are by their very nature not lame. How could they be? They’re super. It’s in the name. Today though, we are going to switch things up just a little bit. Obviously this list isn’t meant to be informative. It’s not even meant to be funny. It’s more of a thought experiment. Is it possible? […] More

  • 25 Bewildering Renditions Of Supernatural Powers

    25 Bewildering Renditions Of Supernatural Powers

    There is no denying that we are fond of supernatural powers. They represent our highest ideals and encapsulate what we collectively would like to possess. We have seen many renditions of super beings and their superpowers over the years and they never cease to be amazing. So bring out that inner child and enjoy this […] More