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  • 25 Positive World Statistics That Will Make You Glad To Be Alive Today

    There are a lot of lists out there filled with depressing statistics about our world (like the list we posted yesterday morning…wasn’t that totally depressing?) Today, we will not bring you one of those. After all, it’s almost Friday! Rather, our gift to you on this lovely day is something a little bit more uplifting, […] More

  • 25 Peaceful And Stunning Fall Pictures That You'll Enjoy This Season

    25 Peaceful And Stunning Fall Pictures That You’ll Enjoy This Season

    In just a few days, fall will take over most of the northern hemisphere. Summer heat will be replaced with colder and shorter days and the air will become scented with a sweet fragrance of falling leaves and a crisp cool air. While some people do not like this season, others consider fall the most […] More