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  • 25 Of The Most Scummy Jobs In The World

    25 Of The Most Scummy Jobs In The World

    Although most jobs can be corrupted by the wrong person, there are some positions that most people agree are more susceptible to abuse than others. And then there are other positions that are bad no matter how you look at it. This list will contain a little bit of both. These are 25 Of The […] More

  • 25 Jobs That Wouldn't Exist If People Were Actually Decent To Each Other

    25 Jobs That Wouldn’t Exist If People Were Actually Decent To Each Other

    It seems a bit paradoxical, but a large part of our economy (a good thing) is built on the fact that we are quite poorly behaved towards one another as humans (a bad thing). Without getting too deep, it is probably worth pointing out that if we weren’t so nasty towards each other, there wouldn’t […] More

  • 25 Worst Jobs Ever

    25 Worst Jobs Ever You Might Not Want On Your Resume

    As sad as it is, there are way too many people who do hate their jobs. In fact, some estimates even suggest that most people do not like their jobs, which is a really frustrating statistic if we consider how a significant part of our lives is spent at work. If you are one of […] More

  • 25 Red Flags On Your Resume That May Keep You From Getting The Job

    25 Red Flags On Your Resume That May Keep You From Getting The Job

    These days the job market isn’t easy. There are definitely more qualified workers than there are jobs. This means that you can’t afford to make any mistakes when it comes to the hiring process. You need to have a solid resume. It needs to be bulletproof. What you may not realize is that people aren’t […] More

  • 25 of the Weirdest Jobs On Earth

    25 Of The Weirdest Jobs On Earth

    From sniffing armpits to crying at funerals, people get paid to do some pretty crazy things. So just in case you were looking for a change of profession here are 25 of the Weirdest Jobs On Earth. Subscribe to List25 More

  • 25 Most Stressful Jobs 2013

    25 Most Stressful Jobs Of 2013

    Stress is a part of life, especially when it comes to work. Factors that contribute to stress include sense of competitiveness with colleagues, deadlines that are hard to meet, relationship issues and several other physical demands, which, if not met, often lead to frustration. While stress is normal, people should understand that too much of […] More

  • 25 Extremely Dangerous Jobs

    25 Extremely Dangerous Jobs

    To work is a necessity in order to survive in this world. However, some jobs challenge the fortune of survival to many workers by exposing them to extremely dangerous situations. Take a look at these 25 extremely dangerous jobs in order to see the danger that some people have to face every single time they […] More

  • 25 Best Jobs Of 2013

    25 Best Jobs Of 2013

    Getting paid, sustaining your lifestyle, and preparing for the future are some of the popular reasons why people choose to get into jobs that pay well. However, being financially compensated is not the only thing that drives individuals into doing their part and fulfilling their obligation to a company. Skill, expertise, and interest are some […] More