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  • 25 Secrets And Blunders Of The CIA That They Would Rather You Forget About

    25 CIA Blunders They Would Rather You Forget

    Although most conspiracy theories don’t hold water, you don’t have to go around looking for conspiracy theories to see that governments mess up just as much as anybody. With a history of supporting dictators, performing dubious experiments, and just generally being shady it’s no surprise that the CIA gets a lot of negative press. But hey, […] More

  • 25 Most Generous Countries In The World

    25 Most Generous Countries In The World

    Generosity seems to be a dying art these days. However, it’s not completely gone as exemplified by the countries on today’s list. From feeding the poor to welcoming guests, our world needs more generosity, which is why we want to highlight these outstanding countries! Based on the World Giving Index by UK charity CAF America, countries […] More

  • 25 Beautiful Steps Found Around The World

    25 Beautiful Steps Found Around The World

    As street art has been becoming a popular and legitimate form of art, even something as ordinary and mundane as outdoor steps can be turned into a piece of brilliant art. From adorable flower steps in sunny Sicily to an astounding staircase in a bookstore in Portugal, allow us to take you on a virtual […] More

  • 25 Most Dangerous Places To Visit As A Tourist

    25 Most Dangerous Places To Visit As A Tourist

    While some places are on this list due to armed conflicts and violence, other places are on the list thanks to physical or biological calamities. Regardless of the reasons, the one thing all of these places have in common is that most western governments do not advise travel to them unless it is absolutely necessary. […] More

  • 25 Things That Will Surprise You About Capital Punishment

    25 Things That Will Surprise You About Capital Punishment

    Although most countries have abolished it and it goes against the UN charter on human rights, several countries still practice it, notably China, India, Indonesia and the United States. These are 25 things that will surprise you about capital punishment. Last Updated on May 2, 2015 More

  • 25 Famous Places You've Probably Been Mispronouncing

    25 Famous Places You’ve Probably Been Mispronouncing

    With over 6,500 languages spoken today, it’s easy for us to mispronounce some of the thousands of names and places in our world. We’ve found some of the toughest and most commonly mispronounced places and show you easy ways to pronounce them. Is your city commonly mispronounced? Read on to see! Enjoy finding out how […] More

  • 25 Thanksgiving/Harvest Festivals From Around The World

    Every year around this time, we here in the United States celebrate Thanksgiving. This got us wondering, do counties from around the world celebrate similar holidays? Well, we looked into it, and here are a list of 25 Thanksgiving/Harvest festivals from around the world. Last Updated on November 27, 2014 More