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  • 25 Electrifying Statistics About Energy That Will Surprise You

    25 Electrifying Statistics About Energy That Will Surprise You

    Every country needs to generate power. While most of us are concerned with how to save money on our electric bill, many developing countries spend their time trying to create enough power for their citizens. These “failed states” that can’t maintain continuous power have to resort to power shortages (i.e. cutting power) in order to […] More

  • 25 Reasons That Trees Are Awesome, Interesting, And Cooler Than You Thought

    25 Tree-rific Tree Facts That Prove How Cool They Are

    When you think of trees…well…do you ever really think of trees? You are probably under the impression that the only people who think of trees are tree huggers and politicians. That may be true, but today we are going to give you some good reasons to think about trees. That sounds boring right? Well, it’s […] More

  • 25 Simple Ways To Keep A Budget And Live Within Your Means

    25 Awesome And Useful Tips To Help Busy Students Eat Healthier

    It is hard to eat healthy when you are studying. Parties, relationships, going out, associations, meetings, and of course the occasional class all keep you from having time to do important things like eat well and take care of yourself. There are some things, however, that you can do to try and at least be […] More