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  • 25 of the Most Heated Sports Rivalries

    25 Most Heated Sports Rivalries That Went Too Far (List)

    Introducing 25 of the most heated sports rivalries in recent memory. Sports breeds competition. When you have two highly competitive athletes going head to head, you better believe they’ll take it a little personally.  Throw politics into the mix and you get a recipe for some serious bad blood. And, be honest, you love it. […] More

  • 25 Most Disputed Video Games That Shocked The World

    25 Most Disputed Video Games That Shocked The World

    Video gaming has been without a doubt the most revolutionary and profitable form of art among young people for over three decades now, with U.S. gaming revenue alone currently estimated at about $22 billion. With millions of hard-core fans across the globe, the world of video games keeps growing each day, while many pop culture […] More

  • 25 Video Games People Who Don't Regularly Game Can Enjoy

    25 Video Games People Who Don’t Regularly Game Can Enjoy

    Video games are their own entire subculture worldwide. They’re also art, a good method of relaxation, a family activity, and in some cases, therapy for veterans who have come home with PTSD. What was once restricted to an arcade has become something that accessible for all ages and skill levels on computers, consoles, handheld gaming […] More

  • 25 Events And Activities That Will Show You Somebody's True Colors

    25 Events And Activities That Will Show You Somebody’s True Colors

    People are chameleons. If there is one thing that most of us are really good at, it is hiding who we really are. We can blend into a group so well that it’s scary. Just think about it for a minute. It all started when you went to school. Were you ever really just yourself? […] More