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  • 25 Magnificently Epic Examples of Church Architecture

    25 Magnificently Epic Examples Of Church Architecture

    Ever since man discovered the act of self expression art has played a huge role in human history. Undeniably one of the most pivotal forces driving human inspiration has always been faith whether it manifests in the creation of timeless hymns, beautiful sculptures, or awe inspiring chapel ceilings. Today, however, we’re going to focus in […] More

  • 25 Most Monumental Feats of Construction in History

    25 Most Monumental Feats of Construction in History

    Whether it was 2000 years ago or just during the turn of the last century, one thing about humans is certain – we are good at building things. From walls that span thousands of miles to skyscapers that pierce through the clouds we have always held a fascination with massive construction projects. So, get ready […] More