Top 10 Best Smoking OnlyFans Models to Follow in 2024

Posted by , Updated on May 20, 2024

It is undeniable that a link between sex appeal, rebellion, and smoking has been well-established. This connection has consistently been highlighted, from films to advertisements, shaping the perception of smokers as “cool” in popular culture for many decades. Just as persistent as this portrayal has been, the prevalence of smoking fetishes, which can be traced back to the time when cigarettes became widely accessible, has also endured.

For those who find pleasure in watching others smoke, there are hundreds of smoking OnlyFans accounts catering to this exact fetish. In this article, the ten hottest smoking OnlyFans pages of 2024 will be revealed, featuring beautiful models who know how to work a cigarette, cigar, or blunt. So sit back, relax, and get ready to indulge in the hottest smokers and tokers out there today.

Best Smoking OnlyFans Accounts of 2024

#1. Smoking Princess – Smoking OnlyFans Bikini Model

Smoking Princess is a 20-year-old bikini model who loves to show off her hot body while indulging in her smoking fetish. She posts daily NSFW content on her OnlyFans page, and also offers naughty DMs to her subscribers. With 2.9K fans and 12.6K likes, she’s definitely one of the top smoking OnlyFans pages to follow.

#2. Starr Smokes – Hot XXX Smoking Content

Starr Smokes is another top smoking OnlyFans page to follow. She offers a variety of smoking fetish content, including “The Pose”, where she lies on her stomach and smokes with her feet in the air. With 6.7K likes and 550+ pics and vids, her page is definitely worth checking out.

#3. Ruby Onyx – Nudes, HotWife Porn, and Smoking Fetish Content

Ruby Onyx’s OnlyFans page isn’t exclusively a smoking page, but she definitely includes a lot of smoking fetish content in her catalogue. With several uploads every day, live shows, and 11K+ media files, her page is definitely worth the $11.99 per month subscription fee.

#4. Beth Smoking – Dirty PPV Videos and Smoking in Lingerie

Beth Smoking is an Australian sexpot who loves to smoke in lingerie and sexy role play outfits. Her full-length videos are definitely worth checking out, and she also offers pay per view videos for those who want to see more explicit content.

#5. Gina Smokes – Smoking Fetish Videos

Gina Smokes is a sexy redhead who loves to smoke sexy cigs in all kinds of hot OnlyFans smoking fetish pics and videos. With 6.5K likes and 90+ pics and videos, she’s definitely worth a follow.

#6. Amber Smokes – Elegant Smoking in Sexy Outfits

Amber Smokes is a sophisticated smoking OnlyFans star from Amsterdam who knows how to please her fans. She looks great in heels and sexy outfits as she lights up, and her customs are definitely worth checking out.

#7. Smoking Angie – Hot OnlyFans Smoking Vids

Smoking Angie is a gorgeous, petite brunette babe who loves to breathe smoke into her lungs and share her addiction on her OnlyFans smoking page. With 11.1K likes and 525+ media files, she’s definitely worth a follow.

#8. Smoking Vixen Official – Professional Fetish Content Creator

Smoking Vixen is a pro at creating sexy content for her fans, with over 340 videos and 1.4K photos to browse. Her DMs are always open if you want to chat about smoking, fucking, or anything else that is on your mind.

#9. Karter Smokes – Male Smoking OnlyFans Page

Karter Smokes is a tattooed dude with a stubbly face and a love for fulfilling fetishes. His tasteful smoking and fetish content is definitely worth checking out.

#10. Charlie Smoking – Smoking Only Fans Megababe

Charlie Smoking is a smoking OnlyFans megababe who loves to show off her hot body while indulging in her smoking fetish. With 1.4K likes and 60+ pics and vids, she’s definitely worth a follow.

FAQ About Smoking OnlyFans

Do People Smoke for Pleasure?

Many people smoke for pleasure as nicotine found in tobacco causes the brain to release adrenaline, which can feel like a rush. It can make you feel more awake and energetic. The ritual of smoking is also pleasurable to many, from the lighting up to the first inhale, and the break it gives you from the workday, where you can go outside, get away from it all, and have a quick drag. When you have an addiction to smoking, it also relieves any of the annoying withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

What Does Smoking Do to Your Body?

Smoking is not good for your long-term health. It can cause addiction, cancer, heart disease, tuberculosis, eye diseases, emphysema, and other lung issues. It can also affect your appearance. It makes your face sag and wrinkle, causes your teeth to yellow, gives you bad breath, decreases your energy, makes your skin look sallow and unhealthy, and more. It is not recommended to start smoking.

Why is Smoking Sexy?

There are several reasons why smoking is considered sexy. First, smoking has been advertised using sex since cigarettes were first marketed in the 1800s, with trading cards of models tucked into the packaging. Second, smoking is a rebellious act, giving off a care-free and bad-ass vibe. Third, smoking can give a person a hit of pleasure and relief, especially once they develop an addiction. Finally, it has become tied with sexuality in our popular culture. All of these reasons combined are why OnlyFans smoking videos and photos get thousands of likes every day.

When Did Smoking After Sex Become a Thing?

The movie trope featuring people smoking after having sex was popularized in the 1767 film The Graduate and is in part due to a very successful advertising campaign designed to link sex to cigarettes starting in the 1800s. Smoking evolved into a symbol of relaxation, and a type of nightcap after a lusty sexual escapade. It began to feel glamorous and has continued to grow in popularity to this day.

Can You Smoke in Public in the US?

Smoking regulations vary by region in the US. Americans in some regions have zero regulations about smoking. Some ban smoking in some places like restaurants, but not others, and some have bans everywhere, even outdoor areas near doorways. In most places, you cannot smoke in an area where somebody is working, because it causes a hazard to their health which would go against workplace safety guidelines. If you are unsure when traveling in the US, you can always ask somebody or look up the specific state online.


The top OnlyFans smoking pages of 2024 have caught the attention of many with their carefree and youthful attitude. These creators have a special something that draws viewers in and leaves them wanting more. They don’t care what society says about smoking, they do what they want, especially when it brings them pleasure, and to many, that is hot as hell. has ranked the best smoking OnlyFans accounts based on likes, subscribers, growth, price, and more. Smoking Angie has been noted as one of the best smoking models ever, presenting sexy smoking with so much variety. Additionally, has ranked the best fetish smoking OnlyFans, with over 4 million profiles reviewed and rated.

Whether you are looking for a smoking-only account or a mix of smoking and other content, there is a like-minded community for all kinds of smoking content creators on OnlyFans.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does OnlyFans handle smoking content?

OnlyFans has specific policies in place regarding smoking content. The platform allows smoking content, but it must comply with their guidelines. OnlyFans requires all creators to follow their terms of service, which prohibit the promotion of illegal activities, including drug use.

What are the rules for smoking on OnlyFans?

Creators are allowed to post smoking content on OnlyFans as long as it complies with the platform’s guidelines. Smoking of legal tobacco products is allowed, but smoking of illegal substances is prohibited. OnlyFans also prohibits the promotion of drug use, and creators must not encourage their followers to use drugs.

Is smoking allowed in OnlyFans live streams?

OnlyFans allows smoking in live streams, but only if it complies with their guidelines. Creators must not smoke illegal substances or promote drug use. If a creator violates these guidelines, their account may be suspended or terminated.

Can OnlyFans creators smoke in their content?

Creators are allowed to smoke in their content as long as it complies with OnlyFans guidelines. Smoking of legal tobacco products is allowed, but smoking of illegal substances is prohibited. Creators must also not promote drug use or encourage their followers to use drugs.

What are the consequences of violating OnlyFans smoking policies?

If a creator violates OnlyFans’ smoking policies, their account may be suspended or terminated. OnlyFans takes these policies seriously and works to ensure that all content on the platform follows their guidelines.

How can I report smoking content on OnlyFans?

If you come across smoking content on OnlyFans that violates the platform’s guidelines, you can report it to OnlyFans support. The platform has a reporting feature that allows users to report content that violates their terms of service. OnlyFans takes these reports seriously and will investigate and take action if necessary.