Ridiculous Christmas Controversies That Actually Happened

It’s hard to imagine that there’s such a thing as a ridiculous Christmas controversy. After all, isn’t Christmas supposed to be a holiday of peace and harmony (and all sorts of other good stuff)? Apparently not. As you will see here in a minute, Christmas has been one of the most controversial holidays around. From the War on Christmas to Starbucks cups, some of these controversies are so insane, you might not see Christmas the same way ever again. Seriously. So, strap on your Christmas hat and play your favorite Christmas song because you’re about to see some of the most ridiculous Christmas controversies that actually happened.

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OCD Christmas Sweater

OCD sweaterhttps://nypost.com/

We’ve already talked about Hallmark’s Christmas sweater controversy. But Hallmark is not the only company with Christmas sweater woes. Target found itself in hot water when it introduced its Obsessive Christmas Disorder (OCD) Christmas Sweater. Disgruntled shoppers complained the Christmas sweater made light of the mental illness and that the “garment trivializes those who suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder.” Target spokesman Josh Thomas said in a statement,”We never want to disappoint any of our guests and apologize for any discomfort.”


Naked Man Nativity Scene

Naked man Nativityhttps://www.sacbee.com

It’s hard to imagine that the Vatican’s Christmas nativity scene would cause controversy…but it has. In 2017, the Vatican unveiled a large nativity scene complete with 6-foot tall figures and a 92-foot spruce tree. However, people could not help but notice the “beefy, ripped naked man” in the mix. The scene depicts seven corporal works of mercy. In one scene, a dead man is being buried, in another, a prisoner is visited. The naked man is being clothed. Critics argued that the naked man took attention away from the nativity of Jesus.


Zombie Nativity


Do you remember the skeleton Santa and how everyone in that city lost their minds over it? Well, something similar happened in Deer Park, Ohio. A zombie nativity scene caused quite the stir with local zoning officials and religious groups who argued that the scene was offensive and sacrilegious. Even though the display was constructed on someone’s private front yard, zoning officials still fined Jasen and Amanda Dixon (the creators) and ordered that the zombie nativity scene be taken down. The biblical scene came complete with undead Mary, Joseph, wise men and a baby Jesus in a manger. To cap things off, a spooky version of “Silent Night” played in the background with rainbow-colored lights illuminating the scene.


Black Santa

Black santahttps://www.dailydot.com

As you are probably aware by now, racism is still a thing (sadly) and here is yet another example of this frustrating fact. Retired Army Captain Larry Jefferson (not pictured) was hand-picked at a Santa convention to be Santa at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. He was a huge hit with children and parents. But as his popularity grew, so did the backlash. You see, Captain Jefferson is black and some people did not like the thought of a black Santa…not at all. Guess who’s getting coals for Christmas?


Pole Dancing on a Christmas Parade

Pole dancerhttps://www.newsobserver.com/

A dance studio in Jacksonville North Carolina got in trouble when it featured a pole dancing float in a Christmas parade. The studio claims it was not using the poles in a seductive or suggestive manner but rather as displays of athleticism. However, on-lookers complained that the demonstration was not appropriate for a family friendly parade. One pastor was even quoted saying that he had to turn the heads of his kids to keep them from watching the float. I can’t help but wonder if he turned his head as well?

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