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HostGator offers quality web hosting for businesses to attract new customers and grow your business online.

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Founded in 2002, HostGator now hosts over 8 million domains and is one of the most popular web hosts in the industry. All HostGator plans offer a vast array of tools to easily kick start your website.

But is it the right hosting solution for your website?

In our HostGator review, we’ve tested their hosting to see if it lives up to their promises. We’ll take a look at their:

  • Reliability: How reliable your website is when it comes to server uptime? Will your site be available to visitors when they need it?
  • Speed: Do they guarantee faster website loading?
  • Features: Do they offer everything you need to build an effective website?
  • Pricing: Is their pricing affordable for you? Are there any discounts available to save you money?

After testing out HostGator, we decided to name them as one of our top 5 recommended hosting companies.

Their reliability, speed, and features are top notch – and we were able to negotiate an exclusive deal for List25 readers to save money on their hosting.

hostgator review

In this HostGator review, let’s take a detailed look at its features and figure out if it’s the best web host for you.

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If you want to know more before getting started, the rest of our HostGator review is below.

HostGator Pros and Cons

Each web hosting company has its own unique pros and cons that distinguish their service from the competition.

Before jumping in to choose a hosting plan, let’s take a look at the features and drawbacks of HostGator so you can figure out if it is the right hosting solution for your website.

hostgator hosting features


  • Reliable hosting: HostGator promises an uptime guarantee of 99.99%. If your HostGator account experiences downtime that falls short of their uptime guarantee, you can get back one month credit on your account.
  • Generous money back guarantee: Most web hosts offers a 30-day money back guarantee only. With HostGator, you get 45 days to try HostGator and figure it out if it’s the right host for you.
  • Flexible billing periods: When signing up with HostGator, you can choose to pay for one month to 36 months, with discounts for longer periods.
  • Free migration: HostGator’s expert migration team helps you to transfer your existing website from your previous host and configure it to perform optimally on your selected platform. All new accounts are eligible for HostGator’s free transfers within 30 days of signing up.


  • No free domain: Unlike some other web hosting companies, HostGator doesn’t give you a free domain when signing up.
  • Aggressive upselling: Additional services are pre-selected during the signup process. You’ll need to carefully analyze the options that are being selected, or you will end spending money for things you’ll never need.

HostGator Speed Testing Results

One of the biggest factors when choosing a host is their speed.

Your visitors expect your site to load quickly – and they’re likely to abandon it if it’s not. Just a three-second delay can cause almost half of your visitors to leave for good.

Fast hosting is crucial

If you’re looking to boost the page speed of your site, one of the primary things you’ll need to do is to choose a fast web hosting.

In our HostGator review, we created a test site to see how fast HostGator really is.

Our test site was set up using WordPress, using the default Twenty Seventeen theme and dummy content for theme development, including images.

According to Pingdom’s website speed test, our test site loads in just under a second for a server in Dallas, Texas. That’s faster than 94% of all tested sites.

hostgator speed test

We also used a testing tool called Load Impact to see if HostGator can handle a lot of visitors at once. Load Impact sent some virtual users (VUs) to our site. They gradually built up to 100 visitors at a time to see how the server would handle it.

For a detailed look at the results, you can see the chart below.

hostgator loadimpact test

In the chart, the blue line (VUs active) shows the number of virtual users sent to our HostGator site. The green line (VU load time) shows how much time it would take to load a web page for a user.

Our site was loaded quickly as long as the number of visitors was kept under about 80. After that, the site started to slow down.

These results are good for shared hosting. With shared hosting accounts, you’re sharing the server resources with other sites hosted on that server. You may need to upgrade your hosting account if you often get that many visitors at a time.

One thing to be noted is that our site never went down during the speed test. You can see a record of our uptime and response time in the below screenshot.

hostgator uptime

HostGator Server Response Time

You might know that content of your website can have an impact on the page speed of your site. For instance, if your site contains too many images on it, it will increase the loading time of your page.

That’s why we also tested the site with another speed testing tool, Bitcatcha.

It works a bit differently from the other tests we’ve performed above. To get accurate results, Bitcatcha ignores the content of your page and only tests the response time of your web hosting server.

Bitcatcha averages the loading speed from eight different global locations: New York, LA, London, Brazil, India, Singapore, Japan and Australia. The speed for each location is measured three separate times, and then the results are averaged. This gives a better picture of the web host’s speed around the world.

hostgator bitcatcha speed test

As you can see that the HostGator site was rated C by Bitcatcha. In the United States, the web hosting server responded very quickly, in just a few millseconds.

For all locations around the world, HostGator still responded in under a second. That means your site will load quickly no matter where your website visitors are located, but it will be even faster for US visitors.

HostGator Hosting Plans and Features

HostGator gives you a wide variety of hosting plans to choose from including shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting, cloud hosting, and WordPress hosting.

Their hosting plans are feature-packed and bundled with various tools to craft attractive and super-fast websites.

hostgator hosting plans

Let’s take a look at various hosting plans of HostGator.

  • Shared hosting: Shared hosting is the best choice for beginner websites with low traffic volume. In shared hosting, many websites will share a single hosting server.
  • Cloud hosting: Cloud hosting could be the right choice for your business website that requires faster loading time despite frequent surges in traffic. The main difference between shared and cloud hosting is that cloud hosting utilize the resources of multiple servers whereas shared hosting is limited to a single server.
  • WordPress hosting: WordPress is the most popular website building tool. WordPress hosting is optimized for hosting WordPress websites, and gives additional protection to prevent WordPress-specific attacks.
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server): Are you experiencing high traffic volume on your site? Need more control and flexibility over your website? You’ll likely need to upgrade your server to VPS.
  • Dedicated server: It is the ideal solution for extremely high traffic blog and websites. With a dedicated server, you get a server solely for hosting your website. But it also comes with great responsibility because you’ll have to maintain it by yourself.

HostGator Shared Hosting Plans

If you’re looking to create your first website, we recommend choosing from one of their shared hosting plans. Shared hosting plans are ideal for small businesses and beginner bloggers. As your website grows, you can always upgrade your hosting account to VPS or dedicated server.

All of their shared hosting plans come with unmetered storage and bandwidth. The main difference between the plans is the number of websites you can host.

Here are the shared hosting plans offered by HostGator:

  • Hatchling: The Hatchling plan allows you to host only one website. You’ll also get $100 Google AdWords and Bing credits to grow your business.
  • Baby: The Baby plan lets you host unlimited websites. You’ll get all the features of the Hatchling plan, plus you can make use of addons like private SSL to keep your site secure.
  • Business: Alongside the Baby plan’s feature, the Business plan gives you free SSL certificate and free dedicated IP.

Support and Customer Service

After making a purchase, you’ll get access to HostGator’s dedicated support portal where you can manage all of your support tickets.

The HostGator support portal allows you to find answers of your hosting related questions using their search box. Their robust help center includes 680+ help articles and 500+ video tutorials.

HostGator also offers one-on-one support through phone, live chat or email tickets 24/7/365.

Every HostGator account is fully guaranteed by the CEO, Adam Farrar. If you ever have a problem with the regular support, you can ask your ticket to be assigned to Adam. He will actually respond personally to each ticket assigned to him.

Bottom Line: Is HostGator Right for You?

Now that you’ve read our HostGator review, the next thing you need to figure out is whether HostGator is the right host for you.

HostGator lets you choose from a variety of hosting plans to find one that’s best suited for your needs. Their website builder allows you to choose from a selection of themes to craft amazing sites to publish almost instantly. Over 2 million customers have already trusted HostGator. Whether you are a seasoned Internet pro, or just starting out with your first website, you’ll find every necessary tool to bring your website to next level.

Ready to get started with HostGator? Click here to select your HostGator plan today.

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