25 Top Rated Mountain Bikes

Especially created for off-road cycling, a mountain bike is a special type of bike that is normally ridden on terrains that are harder to traverse than usual. They are created to handle several types of terrains such as rocks, gravel, steep grades, washouts and many other types of environments, and can be used to go across steep inclines and declines. These bikes are constructed in noticeably different ways, and their subtypes can be identified through their knobby tires, wheels, brakes, and suspensions on their frames and forks. The parts considered in constructing a mountain bike hugely depend on its subtype, as some mountain bikes are made for different mountain biking activities such as cross-country biking, free-ride biking, downhill mountain biking and competitions. Depending on its use, a particular subtype involves exclusive parts to achieve optimal performance. Here is a list of the 25 most rated mountain bikes today:
Diamond Back 2013 Overdrive V 29’er Mountain BikeThis lightweight mountain bike is best used in cross-country mountain bike riding. It can handle grave or dirt roads, paved roads and beginner to intermediate single track trails. It has an aluminum frame and 29” wheels that can pass through obstacles a lot easier than most types of mountain bikes.

Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension BicycleMongoose Impasse is an affordable mountain bike that has an aluminum full-suspension frame that ensures maximum comfort and performance, an Element front fork, a 21-speed Shimano rear derailleur and SRAP twist shifters, which allow easy changing of gears. This trail-capable mountain bike also has alloy wheels that have quick release front and alloy front and rear disc brakes.

Mongoose Men’s Montana Mountain BikeThis mountain bike features 26-inch wheels and a lightweight aluminum frame. Its linear pull brakes allow for great braking power and are designed to provide athletic yet comfortable yet athletic position. This lightweight mountain bike also features a suspension fork that works in smoothening bumps and increasing control.

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual Suspension Mountain BikeSchwinn Protocol 1.0 is a mountain bike with an aluminum dual suspension frame that has a steel rear triangle. Its Pro Mac front disc brake and Suntour suspension fork altogether provide stopping power especially when passing through steep terrains. This mountain bike also has an MTB Handlebear w/ a Schwinn 4 Bolt A-Head Stem.

GMC Topkick Dual Suspension Mountain BikeGMC Topkick is a 21-speed mountain bike that boasts of its full-suspension, strong aluminum frame. Its drive train starts with Microshift push shifters which help control its Shimano’s TZ-0GS derailleur. The floating suspension design of this mountain bike is matched with its Zoom suspension fork that makes use of spring technology.

Diamond Back 2013 Recoil 29’er Full Suspension Mountain BikeDiamond Back 2013 is a mountain bike that has the capacity to make its way through twisty tight single track and fly down an open trail. It has 29-inch wheels and is the perfect mountain bike for beginners. It boasts of its all-new 6061 T-6 aluminum trail frame and its ST XCT 100mm travel fork that has external preload adjustments.

Huffy Men’s DS-3 Mountain BikeHuffy Men’s DS-3 is a 26-inch wheeler mountain bike that features a steel suspension frame that allows it to handle all types of terrain. It also has an Enzo-21 speed twist shift drive train that has a Shimano RD and linear pull brakes for optimal performance. One of the best things about this bike is its alloy rim that makes it resistant to all weather types.

Titan Fusion Dual Suspension Mountain BikeTitan Fusion is has a dual suspension frame and 26-inch wheels that work for all types of terrains. It features a design that provides both comfort and performance to bikers, highlighted by its front and rear spring suspension. This bike also boasts of its 21-speed Shimano gear components, alloy rims and Cionlli saddle.

Piranha Men's Mindtrick Mountain BikeThe Piranha, just like its animal counterpart is the baddest thing one bicycle rider can have on two wheels. Aside from being lightweight, it is tough and can fight its way on tough terrain, and even jump or bump with endurance. With its 26-inch traction wheels, it can challenge most tracks while being affordable overall.

Mantis Colossus Mountain BikeMantis Colossus Mountain Bike has 29-inch wheels that could roll along any type of terrain and surface. It comes with a front disc brake, rear V-brake, 21-speed twist grip shifters, and Shimano rear derailleur. This 25 pounder mountain bike has a durable steel frame and works best for tall bikers.

Huffy Men’s Alpine Mountain BikeAlpine is a 24-inch mountain bike that comes in electric blue metallic color. It hard tail steel frame adds to its durability and its alloy rims make it resistant to all types of weather. This mountain bike also boasts of its Enzo twist shifting system that allows it to shift gears easily for a smooth riding performance.
Pacific Outdoor Mountain Hunter 26-Inch Mountain BikePacific Outdoor Mountain Hunter has an aluminum four-bar link dual suspension frame and a fork that works in handling even the roughest types of terrains. It also comes with a Pro Max front disc brake and rear linear pull brakes that offer strong stopping power to the biker. For a smooth shifting performance, it also comes with Shimano Altus 24-speed and Shimano EX-Fire shifters.

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road BikeThe Takara Kabuto is a perfect bike for those who like to take the action on the streets, whether on smooth or bumpy rocky roads as its tough steel alloy wheels and frame can take on the toll. There is no need to worry about speed adjustment as there is only one gear, but can be switched between speed and freewheeling modes for fun.

Diamond Back 2013 Response Mountain BikeThis mountain bike involves the power of hard tail performance and rugged utility. It has a butted 6061-T6 aluminum response trail frame with formed top and down tubes, offering both strength and style. Its set of light Tekro Alloy Linear Pull brakes allows powerful stopping control. This bike also comes with Shimano Altus 7-speed derailleur and EF-51 Easyfire 7-speed shifters.

Jeep 29er Comanche Mountain BikeJeep Comanche is an 18.5-inch mountain bike that has a lightweight 6061 aluminum frame and 29-inch wheels. Its Shimano Tourney 21-speed shifters and rear derailleur allows for accurate shifting and fast lighting, and its front disc brake and rear linear pull brake makes stopping on a dime possible when biking.
Mongoose Status 3.0 Dual Suspension Mountain BikeMongoose Status 3.0 is a dual-suspension mountain bike that boasts of its full suspension frame. It comes with an SR suspension fork that works in smoothing bumps and increasing control. This mountain bike is designed to fit the needs of bikers who do biking for pastime. It features 24-speed Shimano trigger shifters and Shimano rear derailleur, Sontour crank and alloy pedals and oversized headset.

Jeep Cherokee Men’s Dual-Suspension Mountain BikeThis dual suspension mountain bike by Jeep Cherokee has Shimano 24 speed shifters and derailleur that provide fast shifting of lightning. It has custom 32 Spoke Vitesse Wheels and oversized 31.8 stem and handle bar that offer support when traversing tricky single tracks. It also features a handcrafted aluminum frame that works in absorbing both small and big bumps.

Huffy Men’s Bantam Mountain BikeThis 29-inch Bantan boasts of its hi-ten steel frame that provides both durability and comfort to bikers. It also features a powerful combination of Shimano EZ fire shifters and Shimano rear TZ-30 derailleur that makes possible fast and easy shifting of gears. Its black anodized alloy wheels make it resistant to all weather types.

Schwinn Volare Hybrid BikeSchwinn Volare Hybrid Bike is a lightweight men’s road bike that has an aluminum fitness frame. This versatile and fast mountain bike is perfect for casual rides and is just enough to support an athletic training plan. It features a steel road fork and a flat bar which provides upright ride and fast agile riding. Schwinn Volare also boasts of its quality padded saddle and Suntour alloy 3-piece cranks.

Huffy Men’s DS-5 Mountain BikeThis 26-inch mountain bike features a combination of V-luxe twist shifting system and Shimano TZ-30 rear derailleur that allows for easy shifting and great performance. It also comes with a hi-ten steel 4-link suspension frame that has monologue top tube, Kolo 7200 suspension fork, three-piece crank and black alloy steel that enhances biking experience.

Diamond Back 2013 Cobra Junior Mountain BikeDiamond Back 2013 Cobra Junior Mountain Bike has heavy-duty steel frame and 40mm travel suspension fork that lessens the impact of bumps. Its linear pull brakes are perfect for beginners who want to stop their bikes with their hands and not with their feet. This bike also features a 6-speed twist shifter and 36 Spoke 20” aluminum wheels.

Pacific Cycle Men’s Chromium BicycleChromium is a 42-pounder mountain bike by Pacific Cycle that has a steel suspension frame and 26-inch wheels. It features a handcrafted high-tensile steel frame and an adjustable quick-release seat that provides comfort through easy seat adjustment. This bike also comes with 18-speed Index multi-speed shifters and front and rear linear pull brakes, as well as a three-piece mountain crank.

Polaris Rush Mountain BikePolaris Rush Mountain Bike comes with an alloy frame and 29-inch wheels that can roll over any type of terrain. It also features Shimano TX 35 rear derailleur and Shimano front derailleur, as well as a front disc brake that allows for maximum stopping power. Its Shimano trigger shifters that go with its brake lever add to its versatility.

Mongoose Women’s Status 2.2 Full Suspension BicycleMongoose Women’s Status 2.2 has a lightweight aluminum full suspension frame, alloy rims and front suspension fork. Its linear pull breaks offer powerful braking and its alloy wheels can handle different surface types. This mountain bike is especially designed to provide comfortable and athletic riding position. Status 2.2 also comes with 21 speed Shimano real derailleur and SRAM twist shifters.

Mantis Ghost Men’s 26-Inch BikeManti’s Ghost is a dual suspension mountain bike that comes with 21 speeds. This entry-level bike features twist shifters, Shimano rear derailleur, an 18-inch steel frame, MTB handlebars, and front and rear linear pull brakes for strong stopping power. This bike is designed to withstand any trail challenge.
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