25 Must Have Dog Items

In most households, dogs are considered as family members. The roles of pet dogs extend from acting as guards, walking companions, to children’s playmates. Since the 1980’s, there have been considerable changes in the roles of dogs as pets, as they have become more implicated in the lives of their owners and vice-versa. And while dogs are now treated as special as humans are, there is now a vast range of commodities made available in the market just to transform them into ideal companions. Among these commodities are dog perfumes, groomers, toys, clothes, shoes, and a lot more. Here is a list of the 25 must have dog items that dog owners should never miss:
Ethical Plush Skinneeez 24-Inch “Stuffingless” Dog ToyEthical Plush Skinneez is a plush dog toy that can last longer than most regular plush dog toys in the market because it is free of stuffing. This dog toy is realistic and ideal for dogs who love to play while flip-flopping objects because its “stuffingless” feature makes it hardwearing.

JW Pet Company Ruffians Chicken Dog ToyJW Pet Company Ruffians Chicken Dog Toy is a rough, tough, squeaky, and bouncy dog toy that boasts of its unique shape. This squeaky toy is ideal for dogs that love to bite their toys because it is chewable. It is also infused with vanilla extract so it tastes delicious for dogs of medium and large breeds.

Everlasting Treat for DogsEverlasting Treat is an ideally healthy snack for dogs since it is made of natural, edible, and digestible ingredients. This dog food is also known for its extreme palatability and for its ability to keep the teeth clean. It can be used as a tasty snack and it comes with an Everlasting Treat Ball.

Midwest Select Triple-Door Dog CrateMidwest Select Triple-Door Dog Crate features three removable doors and a fold and carry configuration. This crate is ideal for dog owners who love bringing their dogs with them when traveling. It also includes a durable and easy to clean composite plastic pan intended for dog food.

Merial Frontline Plus Flea and Tick ControlMerial Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control is a fast-acting and long-lasting flea and tick control that works best for infected dogs weighing 45 to 88 pounds. Waterproof, this solution can kill all life stages of four major tick species and provides continuous protection for up to 30 days.

Coastal Remington Silent Dog WhistleA great tool to have when training dogs, Coastal Remington Silent Dog Whistle is a nickel-plated, brass whistle that has an adjustable tone and a frequency that can carry a long distance. This is best for dog training since it is almost inaudible to the human ear.

FURminator Medium Yellow Deshedding ToolMost recommended by veterinarians, pet professionals and dog groomers, FUR-minator is a tool guaranteed to reduce shedding better than any other type of pet grooming brush, comb, or rake. It is especially designed by groomers to bring out professional results. It also boasts of its patented technologies that set the standard for other tools of its kind.

KONG ZoomGroomMade in the United States, Kong Zoom Groom is a dog grooming brush that has the ability to remove loose hair as effectively as a magnet. It can also stimulate capillaries and natural oil production for healthier skin and coats. This grooming brush is made of 100% natural rubber and can work for both long and shorthaired dogs.

Rahwide Munchy Sticks Beef Rahwide Munchy Sticks Beef is a dog food that comes in beef flavor. Unlike most dog food, this helps in preventing tartar buildup among dogs because of its healthy ingredients. If eaten regularly, it can also help promote healthy teeth and gums. Every beef stick measures 5”, enough to satisfy dogs in every bite.

Coastal Pet Training Dog CollarCoastal Pet is a training dog collar that measures 3.3mm thick and 20 inches long. This accessory is made of argon-welded and chrome plated chain that ensures maximum strength and durability. This chain does not easily tarnish, rust, or break so it is ideal for long use, especially when training dogs.

Millers Forge Stainless Steel Dog Nail ClipperMillers Forge Stainless Steel Dog Nail Clipper is a durable pliers-styled nail clipper especially made for dogs. It features comfortable red plastic grips and a spring-loaded cutting mechanism that works in providing better cutting action. This clipper can be used for all dog sizes, except for very large breeds.

Wee-Wee Pads for Adult DogsWee-Wee Pads are leak-proof dog pads that have the ability to neutralize odors and remove moisture from the top of the pad and dry internally while eliminating runoff. These pads are larger than traditional pads manufactured by other brands.

Petego Walky Dog Hands-Free Bicycle LeashPetego Walky Dog Hands-Free Bicycle Leash is a dog leash that lets dog owners walk their dogs and ride their bikes at the same time. Made of stainless steel, this leash installs on virtually any bike just in five minutes. It can be used on any terrain and is very convenient to use since it only weighs 16 ounces.

Andis 21420 Pro-Animal Detachable Ceramic Blade Clipper KitAndis 21420 Pro-Animal Detachable Ceramic Blade Clipper Kit is a powerful and quiet clipper that is ideal for total dog grooming. It features a maintenance-free rotary motor designed to last for years. This clipper kit works with all UltraEdge and CeramicEdge blades.

JW Pet Company Grip Soft Slicker Brush Soft Pin Dog BrushJW Pet Company Grip Soft Slicker Brush is a dog brush that is ideal for daily brushing of dogs with highly sensitive skin. It features a non-slip handle and an ergonomic design so it is easy to grip. This dog brush also has a rounded head and slightly angled pins, which prevent matting and remove dead and shedding fur.

Isle of Dogs Violet and Sea Mist Odor Neutralizing SprayIsle of Dogs is a gentle and safe neutralizing spray for dogs, which yields best results when applied directly. This spray works in deodorizing and neutralizing dogs and areas where dogs normally leave their foul odor, such as on beddings and inside the car. This product does not contain toxic chemicals so it is safe to use.

Invisible Dog BootsInvisible Dog Boots works to protect paws from surfaces such as sand, hot pavements, ice, and salt. Made of 100% wax-based cream, this product is best when applied to your dog before hunting, walking, or any outdoor activity. It’s easy to apply formula contains vitamin E which helps to moisturize and heal wounds.

Wellness Super 5 Mix Dry Dog FoodThis dog food is made of salmon meal and contains complete and balanced vitamin and mineral levels to ensure the optimum growth of your dog. It comes in small kibble sizes for better palatability. When eaten regularly, it helps promote the brain development of dogs.

Premier Easy Walk Dog HarnessThis dog harness is made of soft, strong nylon and features four adjustment points to provide comfort to dogs when used. It works in gently discouraging dogs from pulling while on their leashes. This product is the most recommended harness by trainers and veterinarians.

Bake-A-Bone The Original Bone MakerThis bone maker can make healthy and delicious bone treats for dogs in just a matter of minutes. The bones that this bone maker makes are perfect for small, medium, and large dogs. It features allergy-sensitive recipes that promote the health of dogs.

Dog-E-Glow Georgetown University Hoyas Lighted LED Dog CollarDog E-Glow Lighted LED Collar boasts of its 150-hour replaceable battery life and 100-hour LED life. This collar is fully weather resistant and can be visible up to 1000 feet in the dark. Its package comes with free replaceable batteries.

Vetri-Science Laboratories Bladder Strength Tablets for DogsVetri-Science Laboratories Bladder Strength is an advanced combination of ingredients that promotes the normal bladder function for dogs. It is ideal for senior pets with deteriorating bladders because of its palmetto extract content that repairs imbalances in the bladder.

Sentry Oatmeal Flea and Tick Shampoo Dog Hawaiian GingerSentry Oatmeal Flea and Tick Shampoo is a shampoo that helps deodorize and cleanse dogs while killing fleas and ticks in just ten days. Made of oatmeal, this shampoo is ph-balanced for pets coat and features Hawaiian ginger scent.

Pet Dreams Plush Sleep-Ezz Dog Bed ReversibleThis reversible bed for dogs is made of cotton to provide cool comfort during summer as well as Sherpa to provide warmth during winter. It is very affordable and is perfect in the kennel, crate or car. It is also made for repeated washings so it does not easily wear out.

Doggles Dog Harness Dress with Jean FringeDoggles Dog Harness is made of durable and breathable denim so it is comfortable to wear. It closes with its secure hook and loop tape and comes in four sizes—XX, small, extra small and small. This harness is designed with a sequin pink flower or a black cotton skull, depending on the color of the denim.
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